Apple TV+: Avoid the Rush to Judgment

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apple TV+
Apple CEO Tim Cook and Apple TV+
Apple CEO Tim Cook introduces Apple TV+

As soon as Apple TV+ launches on November 1, just about everyone will have an opinion about the various shows. And, in breathless fashion, they’ll tell you about it. Be careful.

In this day and age, everyone who has an opinion about something gets to share it widely. But, as with news, one has to be very discerning. Whose opinion about Apple TV+ matters?

Except yours, of course.


There will be people with an axe to grind against Apple. They’re always there, lurking. There will be people who want, for some reason, other streaming services to succeed and Apple to fail. And there will be people with limited perspectives and no theatrical, artistic and story telling expertise who will look you in the face and gleefully inform you that such-and-such is just plain terrible.

And then there’s the matter of time and perspective. Not every person who watches a single show or a series has the same perspective over time. Material sinks in slowly. Previously unrecognized elements come to the surface on a second viewing. Exposure to the thoughts of other (respected) viewers can bring forth new outlooks and frame of mind.

Yours Truly

Here at The Mac Observer, we’re going to also tell you what we think. As will other respected Apple-related publications. And some not so experienced. The difference is, as with all analysis of Apple, experienced Apple observers don’t have an axe to grind. Some of these journalists are published science fiction writers. Others have been covering Apple for 20 years or more.

If you see one of those juicy headlines that purports to tell you why an Apple TV+ show is awful, be skeptical. In fact, skepticism is the name of the game here.

Apple TV+ will have enough material for the tastes of everyone. Experienced producers, directors and writers are at the helm. As with any streaming service, you will like some and find other shows of little interest.

The bottom line is that no one viewpoint or even collection of viewpoints will certify the success or failure of Apple TV+. It’s new. It will survive. Mistakes will be corrected. Signature shows will emerge.

Make Apple TV+ your own. Have fun. Be skeptical of strident voices.

3 thoughts on “Apple TV+: Avoid the Rush to Judgment

  • I love anything that gets a bad rotten tomatoes (ie critics) rating and gets a positive audience rating. Perhaps the only thing lower and more loathsome and posturing than a tech pundit is a media critic.

    The latest Dave Chappelle concert reviews speak to the effect:

    35% of “critics” and 99% of audience…

    Agree with John. The more people make up their own minds the better.

  • As an actor I know that critics are useless. The only critics that matter are the ones buying tickets and filling seats. Lets see in a year or two how many subscribe, how many renew.

    When Netflix started it had a limited catalogue, no streaming, and did none of its own productions. People said it would never be able to compete with Video Rental stores like Blockbuster. When Fox started it had a handful of mediocre shows and people said it would never challenge the established networks.

    I’m going to withhold judgement on AppleTV+ for a few years.

  • As is the custom Apple TV+ will be declared a complete disaster by the tech blog denizens that live under the digital bridges and who only come out to trash whatever Apple has done that day.

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