Apple Wants to Make Sure You Know iOS 11 Brings Change to iPad

Screenshot from iOS 11 and iPad multitasking video from Apple

Apple published six new videos with one over arching theme: change is coming in iOS 11. Apple has never been afraid to change things in its devices, software, and operating systems. This is the first time, though, I can remember the company being aggressively proactive about preparing customers for that change.

Here are the six new videos:

iPad Pro — How to mark stuff up with Apple Pencil with iOS 11

iPad — How to manage and fly through your files with iOS 11

iPad — How to get the most out of your hands with iOS 11

iPad — How to get more things done more quickly with multitasking with iOS 11

iPad Pro — How to effortlessly scan, sign, and send a document with …

iPad — How to harness the power of the new Dock with iOS 11

My favorite is the multitasking one with the Rubik’s cube, but they’re all excellent. They also highlight significant changes in iOS 11 when using an iPad.

The videos are part of broader series of help and how-to videos Apple has been publishing. The company has long left such things to its forums, Apple Stores, and the community of websites long known as “The Mac Web.” With a new emphasis on providing video solutions to customers, Apple is reclaiming control over that part of its narrative.

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