TechCrunch writes that the main reason Apple reached a trillion dollars is because of greed. Apple’s greediness is due to hubris like dongles, cords, and keyboard problems.

Apple’s Greediness

The article lists five reasons that display’s Apple’s greediness. They are: Frayed charging cables, buried iTunes subscription cancellation, keyboard claptrap, killing affiliate fees, and dongle hell.

I’ll share a few thoughts why I think this article is stupid. First, it is true that at some point, Apple charging cords seemed to be fraying more. The reason? Apple has worked to remove a plethora of toxic chemicals from its supply chain and products. Apple’s cords don’t contain PBC and phthalates anymore, which do make the cords a bit structurally weaker. However, personally I think it’s worth it, although you’ll have to form your own opinion on that.

Next, subscription pages are “buried.” Again, this is my personal opinion, but it took me a total of three taps to get to the App Store subscription list. The writer also notes Apple’s 30% cut when it comes to app prices and such. 

I’m sure developers would greatly benefit from a higher percentage of money they get, but iPhone users are statistically shown to spend more, and this is why developers often choose to release apps on iOS first, then Android, or just iOS-exclusive.

I do agree that the MacBook’s keyboard problems are a serious issue, and that Apple should do more when it comes to communication and rectification.

Next, Apple killing affiliate fees. It’s definitely odd, and it hurts blogs that rely on these affiliate sales, such as TouchArcade and AppShopper. But it shouldn’t be their only source of revenue. I don’t want to sound like a d*ck and say it’s their own fault for not having multiple sources of revenue. So on this one I’m neutral.Next, Apple’s plethora of dongles. I find them unnecessarily pricey, and Apple should include at least one or two in the box. However, I think the people who require dongles are a small subset of the Apple community. So again I think I’m neutral on this point

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This ISN’T stupid – anybody with a 5th grade education can look up on the web the disgusting history of Apple’s lousy hardware – especially in laptops, look up class actions and how many times Apple has had to pay up. It’s not just dongles but bad video cards, burning batteries, horrible hinges- taking I/O away for no reason but greed on and on. Add in the fact that Apple charges a fake premium aka greed for their stuff and the clones buy into it making the clones SEEM to “spend more than competitors customers do” which of course is… Read more »


And I speak as a FAN who bought his 1st Mac in ’86 when Apple was a wicked underdog. I fought thru the clone wars (Power Computing made better Macs than Apple with multi processors before Apple so Jobs killed that sh*t right away when he came back) and Jobs coming in and out and the Microsoft lawsuits – man those were the good days and if I didn’t pop for AAPL back then I’d be cryin’ but I did so I’m very happy. But, when Apple stopped being Apple Computer and became Apple Inc.and lied about not getting into… Read more »


I believe Apple is a for-profit company. As such I believe that they should charge what the market will bear. So far so good. It’s easy to get on the greed train with them, buy some stock and it’ll change your perspective!