Apple’s iPhone Event Was Particularly Pleasing in So Many Ways

CEO Tim Cook Opens the 10 Sep 19 iPhone event.

After every Apple event, there is some griping. Missing products that were hoped for. High prices. Boring presentations. Not this time.

CEO Tim Cook Opens the 10 Sep 19 iPhone event.
CEO Tim Cook Opens the 10 Sep 19 iPhone event.

In the past, I frequently got the feeling that Apple’s event agenda, while brilliantly presented, leaned toward a self-serving nature. That is, “Here’s our stuff. It’s expensive, but it’s the best. Go get it.”

This September 10, 2019 event had a very different feel.

Hardware Focus

Hardware is cool. Unlike beta software which is written about extensively, hardware remains generally secret until it’s unveiled. We love the unveiling.  Plus, hardware is tactile and satisfying while software always manages to annoy some percentage of users.

Hardware came into focus in this event. And when software was presented, it was always in the context of great hardware.

Particularly pleasing to me as the presentation by an Apple engineer of the A13 chip architecture. With cool animations of the various logic units and how power savings are achieved. Generally, this kind of geekiness is reserved for WWDC. I loved it.

A13 architecture presentation.
From Apple PR: “Sri Santhanam explains how the machine learning and low-power design of A13 Bionic make it the fastest chip ever in a smartphone.”

Customer Focus

Another pleasing aspect of the presentation was the emphasis on a mission statement by CEO Tim Cook.

Our mission at Apple has always been to design product that empower people and enrich people’s lives.

This mission statement was executed in several ways in the form of several customer pleasing offerings.

  • Pro-level capabilities in the iPhone 11 Pro’s cameras and software.
  • A price reduction of the base iPhone 11 compared to the 2018 iPhone Xr.
  • A sensible price offering for Apple TV+. ($4.99/mo.) And free for a year for new iPhone, Mac, Apple TV & iPad customers.
  • A change in the way Apple Watch is purchased. Now, personalization gets real with “Apple Watch Studio” and AW5. In either a retail store or online, any case can be matched with any band. (About time.)
  • Perhaps te most sought after Apple Watch feature is delivered: an ‘always on’ display in the AW5.
  • Transparent Apple iPhone cases. (At last.)
  • iPhone battery life has been boosted significantly.

Nothing Left Out

In the past, the community would dream up things that were hoped for in the next event. And there’d be grousing when the product wasn’t announced. This time, Apple managed expectations very well. There was nothing we hungered for that was mysteriously left out. All that we desired was delivered.

Conciliatory Approach

This event leaned over backwards to emphasize all that Apple provides us. Changes and concessions were made. Our lives are better for these Apple products in so many ways—as demonstrated in a goodly number of special videos.

This is the humble, brilliant, service-oriented Apple we want to see.

2 thoughts on “Apple’s iPhone Event Was Particularly Pleasing in So Many Ways

  • John:

    I too enjoyed yesterday’s event. Indeed, having the Apple engineer come out and discuss the A13 chip was not simply a geek treat, but a demonstration of mature leadership and respect for the larger Apple community, which includes Apple employees and clients alike.

    I was pleased to see another sign, if not of maturity then at least of sobriety, when Apple announced not simply the $4.99/mo Applet TV+ subscription fee, but the free service for one year for those purchasing eligible hardware, and that the subscription is indeed a family subscription. My wife and I agree, however, that we don’t consume sufficient TV entertainment content (unless one includes the news) for even this to be a value proposition, but we may re-evaluate. At present, apart from the series ‘For All Mankind’, we’re likely the wrong demographic, and we have ongoing competing subscriptions to Netflix, Curiosity Stream, and PBS. I still think that Apple could expand this to all current iTunes subscribers for a year, and as this gathers momentum, roll out the $4.99 next year when there’s more content.

    I love reading Sci-Fi. One of my favourite authors was Arthur C. Clarke (I regret not trying harder to get a visit with him in Sri Lanka, which was not far from where we lived while he was alive). In his Rama series, (I believe Rama II) Clarke and Gentry Lee describe a few of our intrepid explorers going into a dark labyrinth and all that one could see was the glow of their digital watches. For years, I’ve waited for that prediction to be realised, as have so many of his predictions; electronic watches that glow in the dark. Now with AW5, we finally have them. And speaking of the dark, the AW5 will no doubt be equipped with the ability to not glow, presumably with entertainment mode, for those times when you need to go dark. They really should call it ‘stealth mode’. So much cooler. Better still, if you could simply say to Siri, ‘Stealth Mode’ and your watch goes silent and dark. Batman would approve.

  • Nothing left out: Well, they didn’t update the Apple TV. If they want to be serious about gaming on the TV this would have been nice.

    AW5 always on: Yes, that’s the first and only real complaint I had about Apple Watch since I had to get used to a half second delay when I want to know the time (my brain was wired for instantaneous) and even worse arm shaking and re-raising occasionally. With that one feature alone I am now planning to finally upgrade (from the original watch), from the moment I heard that announced. I will be happy for improved processing speed too, since dictation and some other things don’t work as smoothly on the original watch.

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