Apple has been a forerunner in accessibility, and the Cupertino tech giant wants everyone to know it. In a series of YouTube videos, you’ll be able to see a sequence of video snapshots of what is possible using Siri, Switch Control, Home, VoiceOver, and other apps for macOS and iOS.

Watching the videos, I remember how fortunate I am. I also see how much work has gone into making the iPhone, iPad, and Mac for everyone. After all, many of the accessibility options we write about are useful for much more than just making your Home button work like it used to.

Apple tech is designed for everyone

Apple’s technology might seem targeted at specific uses, but it’s really designed for everyone

Amazing Examples of Helping People Help Themselves

I’ve known people who suffered from crippling disabilities, only to wallow in self-pity and let others do everything for them. That’s no way to live, and that isn’t what Apple’s accessibility initiatives are all about. Instead, Cupertino is helping people who may struggle with tasks we take for granted to help themselves.

A great example is Todd S., who has jokingly programmed Siri to call him the “Quadfather.” Todd uses Siri, Switch Control, and the Home app on his iPhone to do plenty of things he’d otherwise struggle with. Common, everyday tasks like opening the front door, adjusting the lights in his house, and queuing up a party playlist for this friends. You can see his video in the playlist below.

Turning the Extraordinary Into Something Ordinary

Here’s another example. Musicians might find using Logic Pro a simple task after they’ve worked with it for a while. What if, however, you couldn’t see the screen or the keyboard? Patrick L. is a DJ and producer with a passion for music and excellent food. Patrick is also unable to see.

With the help of VoiceOver and TapTapSee, he’s able to compose and lay down awesome music in Logic Pro X. In his video, Patrick then moves into the kitchen and prepares a meal his wife and children love. It shows how the Mac and iPhone are designed for everyone.

But Wait, There’s More That’s Designed for Everyone

There are plenty more options of Apple making products that help everyone help themselves. Take a look at the video series below. You’ll learn how designing Apple products with certain people in mind means those products are designed for everyone.

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