No one is asking for a paper thin MacBook. No one wants a feather light iPhone.

We don’t care about 1mm thinner. No one can see one extra millimeter except tech nerds and bloggers who care about things that don’t matter.

What we do care about is not having to charge our iPhones midday. And maybe again around dinner. That’s no fun. We’ll take less time being chained to a cable over 1mm thinner.

No one cares about a couple extra millimeters on a MacBook except tech nerds and bloggers who obsess over things that don’t matter.

Phil Schiller comparing MacBook Pro Thinness at "hello again" event

Apple SVP Phil Schiller shows us how much thinner the new MacBook Pro is

What we do care about are MacBooks that stop choking up at eight Safari tabs or when we (probably accidentally) start iTunes.

What we do care about are MacBooks that could start dipping their toes into “all day and evening battery,” even if you could only squeeze in another half hour. Yes, we’d take a half hour over a couple millimeters. I promise.

You achieved ‘thin’ years ago. Good job. Please spend more time on other problems that matter much more.

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Yeah, as far as Pro users go, Apple is definitely losing the plot. My daughter is at the point where she needs a new laptop. I was going to buy a new 15 inch for myself and give her my 1.5 year old i7 16gb retina 13 inch Pro, but the price of the new ones, combined with all the extra dongles or cable I need is making me reconsider. To make presentations for clients, I already need at least one adaptor. Yes, some people (many) still have projectors with VGA style cables. Plus I’ll need another for HDMI, a… Read more »


I don’t even care much about battery life, I mean it’s been good enough for years

90% of the time I’m plugged in

It’s satisfying to know that I’m not the only person who thinks Apple should stick a fork in its thinness fetish. Not only would that allow more room for battery etc, but I prefer a device with a bit of heft. I prefer solid, rugged devices with a bit of heft that have an perception of quality quite unlike cheap objects which tend to be relatively light.


Agreed, David. Their products are so thin, they are slippery and insubstantial. It seems Apple only listens to consumers after it introduces a product and users complain. They decide on the specs and features based on fashion, industrial design, and the future—as they see it. Then products are delayed in order to reach those absurd requirements, which causes some customers to go elsewhere for replacements. The thinness keeps costs higher than they should be, and nearly eliminates repairability. Longer battery life, more ports, no camera bumps, and better repairability should be their revised goal. Perhaps they should have a thin… Read more »

No [email protected], right?!?!?!?! Instead of focusing on thing and light, how about giving us faster processors, and working to drive down costs?

Its gotten to the point where an average home user (they are a consumer electronics company, right?) can’t afford the better machines.

Oh, well, back to the refurb store I go….


I think my 2010 MBP is quite thin most of the time. The weight is a bit, but even there, it’s not a killer. My wife’s MacBook is almost overkill. For her, it’s great, it fits in her standard-issue purse. I have a Surface Pro 4, and it’s non-existent in my bag. But the bag doesn’t really feel much lighter when I have it full of everything I carry. So yeah, give us back mm, and batteries and ports. Oh, and please, please, please get rid of that litterally cutting-edge at the front of the things. I don’t know if… Read more »


Thinner is not for reducing cost. Sorry, bdkennedy1 but you’re off the mark.

It’s really hard, and quite expensive to do “thin”.

There are certainly some components that can be saved, such as a CD/DVD drive but those were and still are quite cheap (in the volumes in which Apple buys them).

But reducing the thickness of iPhone 6/6s/7 has gone beyond silly. Thicken it up so that there is no camera bump. Having that is just stupid.


Thank you very much for pointing that out (finally!). I’ve been thinking and saying this for quite some time.

Can anyone guess: how much more battery life would we have it it was 2mm thicker?

Oh, wait, if you make it thicker, you can no longer justify only 16GB RAM. My bad.


Personally, a couple of extra mm around the middle is no sin.

I’d rather have ports. Lots and lots of ports. All sorts of different ports.

MagSafe , Ethernet, USB3, USB-C, Mini-Display Port, and good old FireWire 800 !


David, you got that right. I read somewhere that Phil Schiller said the RAM was kept to 16GB due to battery drain. Well, Apple made an obvious trade off for slimming down the size over beefing up the usability. I hate to say this; but it seems that Apple’s products are being developed on cosmetic design goals at the expense of hardware needs. Who is the CEO watching over this mess? Tim? Jonathan? Apple’s latest fruit suggests that Tim needs to reign in the “look” designers or Apple needs to find someone who will. Memo to Phil: Make the MacBook… Read more »

Apple keeps making things thinner for profits.

The thinner they can make something, the less material is used. When you sell millions of a product, that adds up to millions $ in savings.

Also, the thinner they can make the product pushes the internal components out which means you’re going to have to buy that optical drive, dongle, adapter or whatever which means extra $$ in their pockets.

This is why Apple steadfastly ignores consumers requests for a bigger battery. You want a bigger battery? We have this $150 external battery for you.

It’s sneaky really.


Well said. A corollary would be weight. When you have a Pro system that comes in at four pounds, a few oz off is irrelevant, especially if it comes at the expense of battery, and ports.

Lee Dronick

They could make them thick enough to hold comfortably yet still be light in weight. Internal white space is okay.