Charlotte’s Favorite Apps of 2021

Charlotte favorite apps 2021

We’ve (nearly) made it through 2021! My colleague Andrew Orr shared his three favorite apps of the year, and I thought I’d do the same. As with his suggestions, these aren’t necessarily apps that have launched over the last 12 months, but ones I’ve used a lot and get some benefit or joy from.


Plum is a finance app that automatically makes savings, based on parameters you set. Without noticing, I saved a decent amount that went towards Christmas presents for my family! The app lets you make instant withdrawals at any point, but check it is appropriate for your personal financial situation before committing.


My neighbors may not appreciate this app as much as I do, but Tabs is a great way to improve your guitar playing. There are official and unofficial chord tabs on there, as well as Pro notation options. Users can also share Shots – videos of them playing. The tuning tools are pretty good too. An annual pro subscription costs US$39.99, with monthly options starting at US$4.99 a month.


If you didn’t lose hours of 2021 scrolling through TikTok videos, were you even there? From ridiculous trends, hilarious sketches, and supportive communities, it’s dominated the last 12 months. (Insider reported that the short-video app got more traffic and Google this year.)

[TikTok Goes Boom — Media+]

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