My First Week With an iPhone, And Why I’m Completely Won Over

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I have now spent a full week with an iPhone XR, having previously used Android phones. Overall, I have found a lot that I like about the device and am very happy with the move. However, I have a few minor gripes too.

iPhone XR smartphone available in several colors

Apple’s iPhone XR

iPhone Positives…

  • Battery life
    It might be slightly unfair to compare an older device with a brand new one, but the battery life of my iPhone XR is much better than my Galaxy S8. I get a full day of pretty heavy use out of it with no issues, which is exactly what I want. The iPhone also stays alive with low battery longer.
  • Camera
    The camera on the iPhone XR is really impressive. I was tempted to get an iPhone 11 because of the camera, and all the reports say that the cameras on the 11 and the Pro are excellent. However, the one on my device is very good too. I’ve shot both photos and video and been very happy with the results.
  • Size
    I really like the 6.1″ device. It feels substantial but not bulky. The screen is big enough to watch videos comfortably.
  • Apple Arcade
    As should be clear from my review of Lego Brawls, I’m really enjoying Apple Arcade. Not a great productivity tool, but good fun!
  • FaceID
    FaceID is a spectacularly good innovation from Apple. It makes getting into my iPhone super quick, even compared with a fingerprint. It syncs really nicely with secure apps like 1Password and banking apps.
  • CarPlay
    Android Auto is pretty good. CarPlay is better. It has a clean interface, is reliable and really easy to use.
  • Podcasts
    I’m a huge podcast fan. I love how my shows are sync across my Mac and iPhone with just a simple refresh. I hope this improves even more with macOS Catalina and the end of iTunes.

… And Negatives

  • Apple Maps
    For a company of Apple’s technical prowess, Apple Maps is still really poor. Unacceptably so. I’ve noticed it has a really problem getting its bearings when I’m in central London.
  • Home Page Folders
    In Android, you can create a home pages for regularly used apps and then place other, less used apps, behind that. This function does not exist on iOS. All my apps have to go into folders. This means that a) the Home Page feels a bit full and messy,  B)It is sometimes hard to see which apps notifications relate to.
  • Charging Time
    Samsung provided a superfast charger with the Galaxy 8 which did charge up the phone really quickly. Charge time on the iPhone is noticeably longer.
  • GMail on the Mail App
    Mail on the iPhone only ‘fetches’ Gmail imap messages. It does not ‘push’ them as they come in. This can sometimes lead to a delay in getting a message and a number arriving at the same time.

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Totally agree with your pros & cons. Would also add a con to wit I’m really missing the home button and fingerprint reader. Hard to change muscle memory. However, the price was terrific and the XR will be mine for quite a while.

Have to ask: Given Boris Badinov’s latest boorish behavior, will Remainers prevail and prevent Brexit with no deal come Oct. 31?

All Hail Lady Hale!!!!


I am a bit confused by one item. Home Page Folders. You can create folders on any page You can drag lesser used apps to the right side of the screen and it will make a page 2 for those. Any app, or the folder containing that App has a notification dot on it when something needs to notify you. I’m not sure what the issue is. I’m not being critical, just not clear what Android does that iOS doesn’t. Mind you I haven’t touched Android in 5 or 6 years so I’m not terribly familiar with what later versions… Read more »

Lee Dronick

Samsung provided a superfast charger with the Galaxy 8 which did charge up the phone really quickly. Charge time on the iPhone is noticeably longer.

Yes, they could included one with more amps, I use an iPad charger for my iPhone.