About The New York Times Saying Apple Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring Is ‘Years Off’

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The New York Times has an interesting piece on Apple Watch highlighting medical uses for the device. One tidbit included in the article is that Apple continues to work on noninvasive glucose monitoring, followed by a comment that it was years off. Don’t make too much of that one way or another, however, because the “years off” comment was attributed to unnamed industry experts, not an internal Apple source.

A glucose test with a finger pricked

Apple wants to do away with this sort of thing

Here’s the quote:

Separately, Apple is continuing research on a noninvasive continuous glucose reader, according to two people with knowledge of the project. The technology is still considered to be years away, industry experts said.

Noninvasive Glucose Monitoring

Mind you, those experts could well be right—they are experts, after all. But, industry experts don’t know what’s happening inside of Apple. If they did, this story would be about a leak, not expert opinion.

So, take it with a grain of salt. The reality is that lots of money has been spent on noninvasive glucose monitoring by a lot of companies and universities for a long time. Apple might be close to a solution, or not, but we know that Apple is working hard on the problem.

And I, who happens to be an expert on Apple, knows the company can do things experts say it can’t.

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  1. geoduck

    If they come out with a AW that monitors glucose, I’ll get one. However it’s a hard problem. People have been trying to go to a non invasive way of monitoring glucose ever since the first person stuck their finger to get a sample. I’m not expecting to be getting one in ’18 or ’19.

  2. Steffen Jobbs

    It’s likely a tough thing to do, but these experts shouldn’t arrogantly put a time period on it. The future is unknown. For all we know, a person or an advanced AI could find a way to do it tomorrow. Humans likely didn’t fly in all history until the Wright Brothers figured out how to do it. One never knows for sure about the future as anything can happen at any time. I wish Apple were the company to do it, but for the diabetics sake, I hope any company figures out how to do non-invasive glucose monitoring..

  3. Lee Dronick

    Humans likely didn’t fly in all history until the Wright Brothers figured out how to do it

    Back in the early 1960s, during the beginning of the Mercury Program, my school teacher said that it would be a 100 years before we landed on the moon. Less than 10 years later…

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