How Apple Could Use NFC to Improve the HomePod Experience

I was fantasizing a lot about the future yesterday, and I came up with an idea to improve the HomePod experience. It involves using NFC to enable multi-user support.

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A Shared HomePod Experience

Apple has largely designed its devices to be personal to an individual. Unlike the Mac, you can’t have multiple users on your iPhone, iPad, or HomePod. The closest thing to a shared experience is iCloud Family Sharing. But that only gives you shared purchases.

The HomePod experience could be improved with NFC, as shown here.

My idea involves enabling multi-user support on the HomePod that works with NFC. Imagine if you could walk up to a friend’s HomePod, hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near it, and have your Apple ID with all of your preferences shared to it?

This would be great for Apple Music. As I discussed with Dave Hamilton and Jeff Gamet on today’s TDO, it would be great to let people add songs to a queue that would then be played on the HomePod. If you wanted to play a playlist, just hold your device to the HomePod and load your profile. It wouldn’t need to be an NFC feature either. Apple could add this via software.

A privacy feature that would be beneficial is having your HomePod profile automatically be cleared from the device after a certain period of time, say 24 hours. Like Jeff mentioned, this would be great if you use an AirBnb that has a HomePod.

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