Howdy folks. We haven’t messed about too much with the election at TMO, but today is Election Day. That means you should vote. Whomever you support, whatever you think of the choices, you should vote. From local elections to state-level positions, to the Congress, to the President—the ability to vote is one of the greatest gifts we have. Exercise your right to do so. Please.

People in voting booths

People Voting!

Google has ballot information for you—just type “What’s on my ballot?”

RockTheVote has ballot information, too.

See you at the polls!

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Cubefan, the EU does not make a decision without it passing through the elected body of the European Union Parliament. Having worked for the EU for over twenty years, I assure you that its decision-making process is by far the most democratic that I am aware of, and certainly far more democratic that, for example, the UK or US system.



Your choice for “County Dog Catcher” is important !



I live on a different continent [I’m a Brit] and its tragic that a great country like the USA has such a dysfunctional electoral system that you cannot find someone with honesty and integrity of any political persuasion. So vote, its a democracy after all, but money shouldn’t be the only thing that gets a result, any more than doing nothing but throwing insults and alleging that your election is rigged.- which I am sure it isn’t. In the interests of disclosure I voted to leave the EU because I’m fed up of an Establishment telling me its ok to… Read more »


I live in another COUNTRY and I made a point of voting.
Your poll is a short walk/drive from your front door.
What’s your excuse?