Samsung Shuts Down Milk Because LOL

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Firstly, my heart goes out to employees caught up in Milk souring. That’s about the only nice thing I’m going to have to say in this rant, so if you’re looking for something bright and chipper, you’ll have to find it somewhere else.

Who barfed in my Wheaties? Samsung. For having such stupid delusions of relevance. Do you remember Milk? It’s a streaming music service exclusive to Samsung devices. Well Milk is going away. It’s spoiled, so to speak. Curdled. Turned, even. It is being poured down the drain one lumpy piece at a time.

Samsung Milk

Because no one used it. Because Samsung doesn’t have a freaking platform. Samsung thinks it does. It thinks selling more Android devices than any other Android maker means something, but it doesn’t. Samsung thinks that bolting services and interfaces on top of Android somehow gives Samsung devices the same sort of clout Apple has with iOS.

But it doesn’t.

Failure Couldn’t Happen to a More Deserving Company

Samsung fills itself with these delusions because [reasons]. I don’t know where they come from. I don’t know who encourages them. It can’t be customers. Is anyone really using the newly revamped “S Health” that sits on some Samsung devices? It just got some kind of interface update, but does anyone really use it?

Maybe all those Milk users?

I derive an unseemly amount of schadenfreude from news like this. Samsung’s long history of ripping off IP in many industries and its ability to get away with it infuriates me. Watching the company chase Apple’s skirts, desperate to see where Apple is going, and then darting ahead with some half-assed, me-too product as quick as it can—it just pisses me off.


Lastly, LOL.

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  1. Hagen

    As I hear it, Samsung is in part pointing their Milk users to Slacker instead, which has been the code engine behind the Milk music service since its beginning. So there may not be much change at all — just removing the Samsung sticker from the existing service.

    I wonder if users will be able to seamlessly transition their accounts, preferences, and song lists?

  2. Paul Goodwin

    They are the worst, and flaunt their behavior, laughing all the way to the bank. They know they’ll never need spend as much development money, and will never get fined to the point that they’re stopped. Apple and Samsung probably pay the same in legal fees, so Samsung just pockets all the development dollars.

  3. CudaBoy

    Pretty ironic since Apple is on the 3rd reboot of the absolute mess called iTunes/Apple music.
    Well let’s talk about copying, Apple copied Samsung’s thinner bigger screened phones; much later added NFC capabilities way after Samsung utilized it; tried to get into streaming music but failed until they copied Spotify and Google and Pandora; then they get sued for stealing from Bose’ patent (noise cancellation ) and for retribution stop selling Bose in their stores. Way to gloat Bryan. You know if Milk became huge Apple would just buy it (like Beats) and claim they invented it – make it the Milk channel on Apple Music. Nice spin attempt though.

  4. jhorvatic

    Apple didn’t copy anyone, especially Samdung. There were many big phones before Apple decided to make the larger screened phones. And although Apple Music is changing it has over 15 million subscribers and counting along with iTunes store which is still making lots of money. Apple made NFC right by not giving out personal information with Apple pay. Apple stills sells Bose in the Apple store by the way. Check your facts boy.
    As Bryan said it is not whose first to market. It is who’s the best when they put in on the market.
    Apple has always done things differently and thought out the who’s, what’s, how’s, and so on to make sure people will love it and it shows.

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