iOS 13 is officially out, and a feature that I’ve been looking forward to is Sign In with Apple. This lets you sign in to apps and websites with your Face ID / Touch ID biometrics. It removes the need for complicated passwords, and you also have the option to hide your name and/or email address with it.

So far, I’ve seen plenty of apps update with iOS 13’s Dark Mode, but none yet for Sign in with Apple. I thought I would create a template that people can use to request the feature with app reviews. I hope that so many identical reviews won’t get flagged as spam. Here’s what I came up with:


Now that the feature is available, I’d love to see support for Sign In With Apple in your app. This is good for users as it helps preserve privacy, but it’s also good for developers because it helps you figure out whether an account is real or fraudulent.

I tried to make it short and sweet because no developer wants to read long paragraphs of “Why I think you should add this.” I used some information pulled from Apple’s web page. At WWDC 2019, they spent time on stage talking about the privacy benefits for users. But it’s also good for developers because you’ll know that a Sign In with Apple account is probably legitimate.

Feel free to modify the template as you see fit. You can either copy and paste it, or add it as a text expansion: Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement.

Further Reading:

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