The State of The Mac Observer: Yesterday, Today and Into the Future

State of The Mac Observer

Quite a bit of change has happened here at The Mac Observer since the beginning of the year. We’ve undergone an ownership change, along with a dramatic shift in our staff numbers. Two of our regular podcasts went into hiatus, and I took the helm as managing editor. What didn’t change, however, was our commitment to bring you the best-quality news reporting, rumors, reviews and commentary about all things Apple. Let’s take a look, then, at where The Mac Observer stands today and where we are going.

Bringing the News, Rumors and Leaks to Your Eyes

One of the most exciting aspects of covering Apple products is trying to unravel the Cupertino-based company’s shroud of secrecy. That’s always been a huge focus for TMO, and is part of why I believe “Observer” has such a prominent place in our masthead.

We’re a much smaller operation than some of our colleagues, of course. We don’t have the numbers of writers, or all of the well-placed connections, to bring you these rumors first. At least not all of the time. We do, however, scour news sources and social media constantly, in search of these tidbits.

Perhaps because The Mac Observer has been such a compact operation for as long as I’ve been involved in the publication, I’ve adopted a slightly different approach to breaking news. My philosophy is that if we can break a rumor or news scoop first and maintain quality fact-checking and analysis, great.

However, I think quality should take precedence over being first out of the gate. This is why, during Apple’s last few events, our coverage has released shortly after the presentations ended. I’ve encouraged our writers to make sure we have the best information, not necessarily the first.

Always Looking to Improve

That being said, we’re always looking to up our game. We are continuing to seek out new talent to add to our writing team. I would love to have a diverse group of writers from all walks of life, all corners of the world. Apple, as an international tech giant, has influences in other parts of the world that I cannot even attempt to understand.

That’s part of why I love having Arnold Zafra on staff. His unique view on Apple products, living in a part of the world that is sometimes last to receive the latest hardware, definitely sheds light both on how well Apple is received globally and also on the expansion still desirable.

Nick deCourville also brings a great new spin to our coverage. His recent experience as a musician lends him a great ear, pardon the pun, to exploring the creative possibilities of Apple’s hardware and software. He’s got planned a series of tutorials on GarageBand, for example, that I think will help many folks get started with the free software.

Still, I’d love to see us do more. I’d love to add more writers to the site, and I welcome any folks who might have leaks to share. My inbox for that is always open at [email protected].

Exploring Multimedia Options Beyond the Mac Observer Home Page

Beyond that, we hope to expand our offerings beyond just written news coverage. With the amazing contribution of Ken Ray, we’ve relaunched The Mac Observer’s Daily Observations podcast. I’ll join Ken to discuss Apple news several days each week, as will current and past staff of the site.

As Apple and other tech giants resume in-person events, we hope to be able to offer on-site coverage of such presentations. We are already in the planning stages to provide in-person attention to the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in January 2023. More such opportunities will, we hope, follow suit.

Our journey doesn’t end there, though. We’re constantly investigating new ideas for podcasts, videos to add to our YouTube channel and more. The owners and I, as well as our writing staff, are committed to seeing The Mac Observer grow in its offerings, reach and service to you, our dear readers and listeners.

It’s been an exciting several months here. It’s going to be an even more exciting time in the days and months ahead. I, and everyone else at The Mac Observer look forward to keeping this site your premier source for all the best and top news for all things Apple.

5 thoughts on “The State of The Mac Observer: Yesterday, Today and Into the Future

  • I’m really happy to see the newsletter is back every day – I really missed it! I also think you all are doing a great job!! So keep up the good work and I’ll check you out tomorrow. 😊

  • One suggestion, you need some bigger indicator regarding which stories are editorials, vs, news. I like TMO editorials and would be great if there was some more quick/easy to discern indicator while you scan down. The current little “editorial” tag is a bit too easy not to see as youre scanning down.

  • Jeff:

    Great write up. Glad to see this article and hope that this column becomes a periodic, if not annual, feature.

    A few reflections.

    Apple is not the same company it was when TMO debuted. No longer the beleaguered company fighting for its relevance, let alone survival in the computing world; it is a global juggernaut and the first company to achieve multi-trillion dollar market cap status. Although a hardware company at its core, it has evolved into a multi-vector platform of integrated hardware, software and services conceptually designed to work seamlessly as a secure, rich and growing ecosystem. The Mac remains; its relevance heightened by its position in that industry-leading platform, but is no longer the lone focus of the Apple user community. And we as a community are richer for that. This has stretched TMO’s range.

    The Apple community is not the same community as when TMO debuted. It is far larger, more diverse, globally represented and less Mac-centric. Indeed, many users do not even own Macs. Most users today, worldwide, were not part of the community during those early SJ2 beleaguered years, know little about Steve Jobs, are less tethered by any one product, and have a brand loyalty less defined by product than by platform. The one point of consistency between then and now is the user experience being the principal driver of that loyalty. These factors will pressure TMO to expand its representativeness, because those new perspectives matter, and are part of our future.

    The tech world has changed in ways no one could have predicted when TMO debuted. No longer is it a bipolar computing world of Apple vs Microsoft (aka David and Goliath or, as was feared by Mac users, Bambi meets Godzilla). The explosion of internet and broadband access, social media platforms that enable individual participation in global content creation, platforms hosting a limitless range of such content, a change in consuming habits and options, including streaming services provided by Apple and others, and a world fractured by sociopolitical, economic, environmental and tribal identity politics that have polarised populations and subverted realpolitik from an alignment based on objectives to that based on the ideal state – democratic and self-governing societies vs authoritarian rulership – ideals that not only shape content consumption preferences, but directly impinge on Apple’s capacity to securely innovate and logistically produce and ship product. These are but a few of the many changes to that world. It would be an understatement to say that the world bears no resemblance to the one into which TMO was born. Not only have these been challenges, they remain opportunities for expanded site content.

    With churn on so many levels, no sane and honest person would claim to be able to predict the future. Not only has TMO had to change, it will continue to change and evolve. Ideally, those changes should not disturb TMO’s internal consistency of curiosity, adaptability, nimbleness, open-mindedness, adherence to fact and honesty in content delivery. As a reader, I suggest that these core features of the site serve it well.

    Looking forward to the next State of the Mac Observer.

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