Tim Cook: Democracies Depend on Free and Diverse Press

Tim Cook from Washington Post Interview

Apple CEO Tim Cook used his Twitter pulpit to remind us that democracy depends on a “free and diverse press.” The message marked World Press Freedom Day, which is a trending hashtag on Twitter.

Mr. Cook is correct. Democracy relies utterly on a free and diverse press, and I’ll add independent to the mix. This particular #WorldPressFreedomDay comes at a time when the free press is under threat around the world, and I applaud Mr. Cook using his platform to bring a little attention to the subject.

One thought on “Tim Cook: Democracies Depend on Free and Diverse Press

  • Today’s press makes Pravda look like an upgrade. Perhaps cook could upgrade apple news to help in that regard, but I’m not holding my breath. This ‘gem’ of a CEO cant freak’n update macs, screens, or wifi routers, doing less and less with an utter absence of purpose, while wasting more and more resources.

    Apple has become big tobacco. Making money despite itself.

    That said, I do support a free independent and objective press. I’m just not sure any exist outside a few tiny bastions that don’t get eyeballs.

    Bryan wrote something on bitcoin, apple wall street result reports, security, net neutrality (yea he’s super biased here, but at least he wears it on his sleeve), and a few other topics, and shamed the general press in that, despite his many times stated biases, managed to be about 10000000x more objective and forth right in his analysis. How pathetic is it, when I have to go to an opinion pundit to get a modicum of objectivity on news.

    The press is dead. It’s up to people to think for themselves, now more than ever before. As always, YMMV.

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