Tim Cook Remembers Steve Jobs with a Great Photo and Poignant Quote

Steve Jobs, from a Tim Cook tweet

Tim Cook remembered Steve Jobs today—the 6th anniversary if his death—with a great photo and a poignant quote. The photo is of a young Steve Jobs—I’d guess mid or late 80s—and the quote is one of those foundational concepts that drove Mr. Jobs.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs died on October 5th, 2011, after a long bout with pancreatic cancer. While he was infamous for never looking back, the rest of us frequently do. That includes Tim Cook, who always tweets a remembrance of his friend on this day.

As an aside, the first response to Mr. Cook’s tweet was Jean-Louise Gassée, who said, “I owe Steve so much…” Mr. Gassée will long be remembered as the deciding voice in Steve Jobs’s removal from most of his responsibilities at Apple in 1985 in a power struggle between John Sculley and Steve Jobs.

After Mr. Gassée’s response, however, the Twitter discussion devolves into a flamefest of people criticizing or defending Tim Cook, Apple, and even Steve Jobs. You know, because [Twitter].

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You know, because [Twitter].

Which is why I don’t do Twitter.