Twitter Kills Mac Client

Muting Twitter

Twitter announced on Friday that it is grossly incompetent. In a tweet from @TwitterSupport, the company said Twitter for Mac is no longer available for download starting now, and that it will not supported at all in 30 days.

Why? Because they want to enforce a great Twitter experience across platforms. Implicit in that message is that Twitter thinks we’re stupid. Here’s the offending tweet:

So, rather than taking the simple step of supporting new features on the Mac client, Twitter is killing it. Because that makes sense, and because I buy the ass-backwards line from the company.

Twitter has long made it clear it would rather we use a browser on the desktop, but guess what, Twitter, that sucks! Your browser experience is drastically inferior to a native app experience.

It’s All Dave’s Fault

Worse, I blame my good friend Dave Hamilton, for starting a very active thread earlier today on just how bad the Twitter for Mac client is.

Thanks, Dave. I mean, sure, Twitter could have used that thread as inspiration to pull its corporate head out of its corporate butt, but instead, they’re killing the Mac client. Again, thanks, Dave.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen my knee-jerk reaction to this announcement. I’d embed it here, but it doesn’t meet TMO‘s family-friendly guidelines.

If you’re looking for a good Mac desktop client, check out Dave’s thread for a lot of great recommendations for third party Mac clients. And for that, I’ll add a different kind of “Thanks, Dave.” 😂

We’ll be doing a roundup of Mac Twitter clients on Monday.

6 thoughts on “Twitter Kills Mac Client

  • One of your best opening (and accurate) sentences. Kudos man. What a bag of f’wits. Actually disabling the client is an extra special loathsome twist. The f’n mets/jets of social media.

  • Bryan:

    Looking forward to TMO’s Twitter macOS client round-up today. It is today, right?

    I also hope that it includes an assessment of TweetDeck, which is what I’ve been using for the past few years on macOS, and how it compares to other options.

    No pressure.

  • Bryan:

    Your Twitter post may not be family rated, but it has the virtue of being unambiguous.

    And Dave Hamilton; gee thanks, man.

    Jest aside, the Twitter Support post reads like black humour; something you’d find in a Quentin Tarantino movie. ‘Hey, we wanted you have an optimum day, so we just shot your dog’.

    As for Twitter for Mac clients, apart from the now walking dead Twitter app, I’ve gone back and forth over the years with TweetDeck and Twitterific, with the latter primarily on iOS. TweetDeck gets the job done, at least for me, on the Mac and I’ve had neither time nor inclination to explore other options.

    I’ll be interested to see what you and Dave recommend.

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