Twitter and NFL on Apple TV Could Be Big For Everyone

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Apple TV, NFL, and Twitter

Apple TV, NFL, and Twitter

Twitter is reportedly talking with Apple about bringing a dedicated app to Apple TV for live-streaming NFL games. A solid Twitter app bringing this kind of content to your TV could be a big winner for fans, Twitter, Apple, and the NFL, too.

Twitter recently won the rights to live-stream NFL games on Thursday nights. Buried in New York Times coverage of Twitter’s broader event-streaming goals is a tidbit about Twitter chatting up Apple about an Apple TV app.

Neither Apple nor Twitter are commenting on those talks, of course, but considering Apple TV remains merely a hobby for Apple, it’s interesting such talks would warrant a mention. This is especially so since getting such an app on Apple TV is likely to be routine.

Social Events

Social media platforms far and wide are turning to live-streaming to bring in and keep active users. The idea is simple: people love to tweet/Facebook/Snapchat/WhatsApp/Whatevs events while they’re happening. So, why not bring those actual events directly to the platforms?

To that end, Twitter has been aggressively pursuing the rights to sporting events of all sorts, with NFL Thursdays merely the most recent. But, once you land those rights, you now have get it in front of your user base. And as much as Twitter is all about “new media” and “social media” and gadgets and tech and whatnot, people do like watching sports on their TVs.

That makes an Apple TV app ideal. Twitter can bring the Twitter experience (whatever that means to you) to a device where a lot of people actually want their sports. TV. If Twitter makes the right Apple TV app, it could significantly boost the company’s success with this strategy.

In my mind, that app would be one that delivers the action along with your live Twitter stream. You could still use your mobile devices to tweet, while reading your stream right next to the game. That could prove to be a winning formula for everyone.

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