Wishlist: An Apple Services Management App [Concept]

One of my wishlist items is an iOS and macOS app that would allow clear and flexible management of all Apple services.

Apple has shown us how credit card mangement ought to work with its glorious new Apple Card. The company has a knack for conceptualizing how user interfaces should work, then delivering an app that’s unambiguous, direct, and intuitive to use.

apple Card Entertainment Report
Apple Card reporting suggests a path forward.

My wish is that Apple, in 2019, with its new emphasis on services will put the management of all its new services into a single app. It might look like this concept by our Andrew Orr.

Apple services app concept
Concept art by TMO’s Andrew Orr

Note: U.S. prices for services are hypothetical in some cases.

The ideal is that the user can enable or disable any service at any time with a slider. Or if that’s not technically feasible, then open a periodic window in time that allows the customer to opt in or opt out of each service. The app displays this range of dates. Once a configuration is selected, the availability of each service is immediately updated.

A running, dynamic total amount that will be charged at the next billing cycle is always displayed. A history tab would show the billing for the last X months.

Such an app would make it clear that Apple wants of avoid confusion and annoying and disparate UIs when it comes to engaging Apple’s growing list of services. Such an app could also be a showcase for how Apple delights its customers with great app design for services.

That said, the concept here is likely a pale attempt compared to what Apple could do. And it might get more complex if Apple were to offer special bundles.

That’s my wishlist app. What do you think?

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