Samsung…Samsung. Yo, dudes. We gotta talk, like, for reals. Listen and Ima give it to you straight. You have a problem, Samsung. And it’s time for some change.

Look, I know she’s cute. Smart. Sexy. And totally loaded. Sure, bro. I mean, like, we get it. Apple is hot. But you got no chance, bro. None. You gotta give it up. You can chase her and chase her and she ain’t never gonna notice you nohow.

You aren’t in her league, bro. You’ll never be good enough for her, and ain’t no one gonna think so no matter how much you try and dress yourself up like you fit.

Samsung ArtPC Pulse

Samsung ArtPC Pulse

Mmmmmhmmmmm…you think we don’t see through this ArtPC Pulse? We all see through that, bro. And I mean everyone. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


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No it’s not a lot different except for the speaker on top. Samsung doesn’t deserve any slack because they are so obvious in what they do. The ports are laid out exactly like the Mac Pro and you know that is exactly what they were copying like the whole internet knows.


Goodness knows Apple screwed up the Mac Pro – our studio didn’t even invest in them. Maybe Samsung will do better since ‘Doze still has 70% market share over Mac OS 4%.