What Apple Might Have in Mind for its Macs in 2020

2017 MacBook Air
A tough act to follow, but, hey, it’s Apple.

The Particle Debris article of the week comes from Rene Ritchie at iMore.

Author Ritchie takes us on a tour of the possibly missing Macs in Apple’s lineup along with some highly anticipated upgrades.

[So far] …We got a new big iPhone with Max, and updated MacBook Air, Mac mini, iPad Air, iPad mini — basically, all the airs and minis — and, most recently, a new MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and Pro Display. Yeah, all the Pros too.

But, big and badass as some of these products are — they’re not all the products. Even now, at the end of the decade, there are still some gaps in Apple’s lineup. Some holes. Some products [are] just plain missing in action.

2017 MacBook Air
16-inch MacBook Air? Yummy.

Suddenly, looking at Apple’s Macs, it’s clear there are some really cool opportunities that would very much appeal to customers. One is a MacBook Air with a 16-inch display.

You know, for people who want bigger screens but don’t need pro-level compute to go with it.

Oh, and then there’s the expected update to the 13-inch MacBook Pro, done in the same fashion as the 16-inch MBP released in November. And, in the process, why not up the display from 13.3 inches to 14.0? That would be glorious.

Along with some interesting ideas for an iMac upgrade, author Ritchie tantalizes us with the prospect of the xMac.

The xMac is almost mythical at this point. That’s just one of the names given over the years, if not decades, to the idea of a Mac tower that’s every bit as accessible and expandable, just not anywhere nearly as high-end Pro.

I have also written about that idea, here, recently.

[Maybe There’s Room in Apple’s Lineup for a New Mac Model.]

Not mentioned is what Apple might do with an iMac Pro upgrade. As an aside, I recently had some ideas. “What Shall Become of Apple’s 2017 iMac Pro?

In summary, author Ritchie whets our appetite with some concepts for some amazing new Macs. If Apple is so inclined, 2020 could be an even more stellar year for the Mac.

[Note: Particle Debris will be on hiatus for the holidays and return in January.]

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