Apple Pay, Apple Cash. What’s Up Apple’s Financial Sleeve Next?

Apple and a Big Pile of Cash

Apple and a Big Pile of Cash

At Apple Must, Jonny Evans reports on a recent Harris Poll. “Apple Pay is just the beginning, and Americans seem to want it that way.

As I predicted in 2014, a Harris Poll claims almost two-thirds of U.S. people (and over 80% of those 18-34) would consider purchasing or applying for financial products from a tech company instead of a traditional financial services provider.

Survey details follow that are worth digesting, but author Evans concludes that:

The bottom line has to be that tech firms are in the cat bird seat to cherry pick the profitable businesses of existing banking providers….

Of course, the risk is that as financial services move into the control of less well regulated players, then some difficulties could emerge.

[By 2025 Apple Pay Could Make up 10% of Global Transactions]

Notable is that this swing in acceptance is being driven by youth. Evans continues ….

Vaduvur Bharghavan, CEO of Ondot Systems said: “Americans – especially younger ones – are receptive to new financial services offerings from technology companies, and smaller banks and credit unions are especially vulnerable.”

One factor, not mentioned, is that high tech companies have more expertise in delivering elegant, easy-to-use apps. This is attractive, but can sometimes be deceiving as well because form is often prioritized over substance.

Plus, given the tendency of traditional government regulation of tech to be late or non-existent, it’s likely that new financial lessons will be learned all over again by consumers.

The Week’s News Debris

iMore links to a video review of the Apple Pro Display XDR. “Damning Pro Display XDR review says that it can’t compete with reference monitors.” The iMore take? “The result wasn’t great for Apple.”

Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR.

• Apple has finally joined the FIDO Alliance. “Apple Just Made A Striking New Security Move That Could Impact All Users.

Founded in 2012 by companies including PayPal and Lenovo, the FIDO Alliance’s mission is to create authentication standards to reduce reliance on passwords. It has two aims: The adoption of multi factor authentication U2F tokens, and authentication (FIDO2).

This sounds a first like a geeky, boring article. But it’s actually well written and worth investigating as this technology likely will show up at WWDC and, later, affect all of us.

5G wireless and iPhone

• Ming-Chi Kuo (TF Securities) has some intel on the 5G antenna details related to MIMO. iDownload Blog reports: “Kuo: 5G iPhone may not support 2×2 MIMO uplink for maximum upload speeds.” The bottom line? No big deal.

• Here’s a fun and seemingly accurate prediction article. “8 Exciting New Products That Apple Could Release Next Month.” One thought here. If Apple does indeed release a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with an improved scissor mechanism keyboard in March, what does that say about Apple announcing ARM-based MacBooks in June at WWDC? Just a thought.

• Finally, this is only secondary to Apple, but I think it’s worth noting. “3D Printers Are Finally Starting to Work More Like Star Trek’s Replicators.

Tea, Earl Grey, decaff.

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  • purchasing or applying for financial products from a tech company instead of a traditional financial services provider.

    Isn’t there a traditional financial service provide behind the Apple Card? Anyway, I use my AppleCard as much as possible; Costco doesn’t accept it.

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