In Mobile Payment Security and Privacy, Apple Pay Blows Away Competition

Apple Pay contactless payments

Mobile payment apps are proliferating, so, it makes sense to ask how safe and secure they are. Consumer Reports looked into it. On one hand, Apple Pay was declared the best by Consumer Reports. On the other hand, this next article, which places a broad analysis wrapper around the discussion, says “questions [have been raised] about the lack of buyer protection for Zelle users who get tricked by scammers.” See also: “90 million Americans use mobile pay apps — but are they safe?

Apple Pay AMEX

Apple Pay Imitators

The problem, it seems to me, is that our mobile apps are so designed as to completely obscure the goings on in the background. The mobile app’s user interface has remained cute and appealing over the years, but the speed of the device’s processor and internet connection have invited developers to fold in all manner of chicanery, invading privacy and stealing data we never dreamed they’d take in secret. iOS does a good job of preventing that.

in addition, we have no visibility into the security practices used. Our analysis of the app is more about simplicity of use and wish fulfillment. That is, we hope best practices are used, in spite of our suspicion that developer agenda will always overrule our own best, traditional interests.

It’s hard to tell these mobile payment services apart at face value. That’s why extra care and research is required. The analysis Consumer Reports did helps.

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