Sleuthed: Apple Silicon Release Dates

Apple Silicon and Tim Cook.

Apple Silicon

The Particle Debris article of the week, covering Apple Silicon release dates, comes from Apple Insider.

There is a historical interest in seeing how Apple is able to pull off these moves when other firms can’t, and it is fascinating to see how carefully Tim Cook uses the same phrases Steve Jobs did. But we can also compare what each man said and what Apple’s first moves then were.

Author William Gallagher looks at the history of the PowerPC to Intel transition, what Tim Cook has said to date, practical constraints, and product timing logic to lay out a thoughtful roadmap for Apple’s transition to Macs with Apple Silicon.

This is very good reading.

The Week’s Apple News Debris

• Last week, I ran out of room and had to omit this interesting link about robots. I haven’t written about robots in awhile, but I do remain alert to anything relevant. From The Evening Standard, here you go: “Lockdown loneliness has ‘made humans more open to buying a social robot’ that simulates friendship.

A pandemic isolation study found people were increasingly interested in owning a machine as a companion.

I predict that, as the pandemice subsides, the smart use of robots will help with not only companionship but also keeping us safer in the workplace. Robots are immune to human bacteria and viruses. And, among other things, this could finally lead to spotless, ultraclean restaurant/bar kitchens and public restrooms. This is going to become a giant business, and Apple is surely paying attention to the health benefits.

The Elephant Queen on Apple TV+ is a superb documentary. Perhaps the best I’ve ever seen. So I’m hungry for more, and here they come. “Apple TV+ to get 3 new docuseries this fall including nature-focused ‘Tiny World’ narrated by Paul Rudd.

• Google pays Apple billions to be the default search engine on Apple devices. But Apple might be willing to give up most of that if it could monetize its own search engine all the while touting traditional attention to customer privacy. And, indeed, rumors have cropped up. Here’s the MacRumors take: “Speculation Over an Apple Search Engine Resurfaces, But Apple Likely Remains Focused on Siri and Spotlight.

Jon Henshaw, founder of digital marketing insights firm Coywolf, kicked off the speculation with a blog post this week in which he said that Applebot had begun regularly crawling his websites on a daily basis, something he had not noticed previously.

Make of this what you will, but I sense fire behind this early smoke.

• Subscribing to a non-Apple TV streaming service via Channels in the Apple TV app allows for direct billing to your Apple ID, easy subscription management and avoids a detailed signup process if you were to use the tv/ipad/iOS standalone streaming app. So it’s good to be familiar with Channels. Here’s a nice overview from 9to5Mac . “Apple TV Channels lets you choose what you want to watch, here’s every option.

This way, it’s trivial to sign up for and manage, for example, Acorn TV, BritBox, UP Faith & Family, etc.

• I have speculated that the next generation Apple TV 4K will support a 120 Hz display refresh rate. Now, there are rumors that “The iPhone 12 Pro Max Might Have a 120Hz Display and Fancy New Camera Modes.” As iOS goes, so goes tvOS, so I consider 120 Hz a done deal across the board.

Flight Simulator 2020

• Finally, Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator invokes “real-world data, artificial intelligence (AI), and massive multiplayer capabilities.” And so, Patrick Gray at Tech Republic thinks “…tech leaders should pay attention to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

…consider that this might be the first time you could test various air traffic scenarios, weather variations, or even simulate cargo or passenger routings for the price of a $60 game.

The author presents some very forward thinking derived from this game. Go dream with him. It might make you rich.

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