The Intriguing Design of The Steve Jobs Theater Explained

Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park.

The Particle Debris article of the week comes from Neil Cybart at Above Avalon.

Author Cybart had a close-up look at the Steve Jobs Theater when he attended Apple’s September 12 event. His very detailed and revealing article includes photos from Apple and himself as well as a side-view schematic of the underground layout.

Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park.
Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park. Image credit: Apple

More importantly, the author analyzes the art, the function and the psychology of the theater on the inside and even the surroundings leading into the theater that reminded him of the aesthetics of a theme park.

The entire experience is reminiscent of Disney World as it becomes clear that someone has created this specific experience to be consumed at this particular location. The lobby, the only part of Steve Jobs Theater that is above ground, is massive, intriguing, and even magical.

One may question whether so much money and effort went in to the construction of this theater, designed to showcase Apple products. But it’s immediately clear that there is much more at stake here than an attractive theater. Namely, it’s not, anymore, exclusively about Apple products but rather Apple as a product. From the article:

Apple is no longer a company that just ships consumer hardware powered by differentiated software. The unveiling of Steve Jobs Theater is the latest sign of this reality. The theater is an Apple product, in the same vein as Apple’s redesigned Retail stores. Apple approached Steve Jobs Theater and the broader Apple Park headquarters in the same way that it would any other product.

Understanding that is key to understanding the company itself as a brand and a product, and that leads to a better understanding of what Apple is all about. This is an excellent article, full of insights.

That’s not to say that everything is perfect. Author Cybart as well as John Gruber made some critical observations. I have no doubt these tactile observations of the restrooms, hands-on area, and rain soaked pathways will be addressed in time. That’s the easy part.

What’s really important about the essay by author Cybart is the analysis of the facility’s design, comparisons to the competition and Apple’s state of mind. These are all part of the legacy of Steve Jobs, and nowhere has that been more poignant than in the opening video and site dedication to Mr. Jobs at the beginning of the September 12 event.

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6 thoughts on “The Intriguing Design of The Steve Jobs Theater Explained

  • I’d say Tiger over Snow Leopard, but hardware changes by far make Snow Leopard the last OS with Steve Jobs vision in it,. I miss skeomorphism – now you have a “Launch Pad” on a “Desktop” with a “Dock” WTF and it looks bad ,Quicktime can’t manually scale skewed video windows any more …it (Sierra) acts bloaty unstable especially on boot ups.
    4k? Too late Apple – where’s your 8k and 360º video that Youtube supports (the 360, not the 8k), and yes Google WILL dictate to you just as you finally realized they do SEARCH for your default on everything now. Only the clones would see value in Apple’s late entry into old tech like 4k and have the balls to charge more money for no reason when others are on to AR and VR and quantum dot displays, 360º cams and the “makers” but noooo, keep selling those phones, stay simple my apple. 🍎

  • Only statement I disagree with is ‘Lack of 4K content’, we watch Netflix 4k content frequently and over here satellite is optionally 4k. Armed with an upscaling Blu-Ray player – admittedly used very infrequently in comparison with a standard Apple TV4. I don’t think Apple ever release a product WITHOUT considering which standards to support and a proprietary codec on YouTube isn’t a standard. If in doubt, wait, implement the proper standards and do it well.

  • The new Apple TV looks like a winner to me. I don’t appreciate reviewers who presume to tell me what I need or don’t need, what is too expensive, etc. I wonder how many “less expensive” 4k movies to I’d have to buy to make the new Apple TV’s price seem reasonable?

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