9to5Mac reports on iOS 14 details indicated in an early build they had access to. Filipe Espósito provides some iOS 14 glimpses.

iOS 14 Glimpses

One of the most anticipated changes, based on previous rumors, is a better home screen.

Based on leaked code obtained by 9to5Mac, we found evidence that iOS 14 will include a new home screen page that allows users to see all of their application icons in a list view.

The current home screen design and limitations, born of the original iPhone 13 years ago, have long been a sore point with users. This change, on iPadOS 14, along with cursor control via the Magic Keyboard’s trackpad, will also help finally punctuate the fork to iPadOS.

ios 13 App store

Expect changse to how we can view the home screen.

Also of note is this nifty change to iOS 14 accessibility.

With iOS 14, users will be able to receive alerts if the iPhone detects sounds like fire alarms, sirens, doorbells, and more. The system will translate these alerts into haptics for people who have hearing loss.

There’s much more in author Espósito’s article. The upshot is that iOS 14 looks to finally bring some fresh and needed UI concepts to iOS.

Plus, author Espósito previously explored: “Apple testing new shortcuts to change keyboard brightness on iPad, iPadOS code reveals.

The Week’s Apple News Debris

• So why can’t the iPhone assembly by totally automated? That’s something I’ve wondered about. It turns out there are some fine motor skills that humans have that cannot yet be duplicated by robots. MDN collects notes from a couple of sources, one of which is firewalled. There’s a cute concluding video as well. This is good stuff.

• In iPhone 13 rumors, PocketNow reports,”Apple could give us iPhones with low-power LTPO OLED displays in 2021.” Take note of the word “backplane,” not backlighting. OLED displays are self-illuminating and do not need backlighting.

• It’s beginning to look like the iPhone 12 really will be delayed. See: “Broadcom Suggests New iPhone Launch Will Be Delayed.

Hock Tan, chief executive officer of Broadcom, discussed a “major product cycle delay” at a “large North American mobile phone” customer, during an earnings conference call with analysts on Thursday.

Tan often refers to Apple this way. This time, the executive said the delay will mean the bump in wireless revenue experienced by Broadcom will happen one quarter later than usual this year.

Death in Paradise-BBC

Death in Paradise, Image credit BBC. (For sale on Amazon Prime.)

• I’m watching series 9 of the BBC TV show Death in Paradise. In episode 2, I noticed that D.I. Mooney is using a Sony smartphone to take a photo of some artwork. WTF? Sony? It turns out that Sony makes some really nice phones. Whodathunk?

• Apple has four kinds of iPads to choose from. Which is right for you? The Verge clears it all up. “How to choose between the iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

• Finally, Chris Matyszczyk gets in some clever digs. “Google is really annoyed you’re using Microsoft Edge.”

Google, from its very beginning, thought it was so clever. It’s never really stopped thinking that.

And when it discovers competition — from what it deems an unworthy source — Google can become irritable.

I like author Matyszczyk’s style.

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