The iPhone 11, First of the Post-Ive Era, Shows New Design Trends

iPhone 11 reveal

This was a big week for Apple, and there were many interesting, informative articles. Perhaps the most intriguing is one that’s not sheer tech but, rather, informed speculation. I liked it.

iPhone 11 Pro cameras
iPhone 11 Pro cameras and SVP Schiller. Image credit: Apple

At Cult of Mac, Charlie Sorrel theorizes that the waning influence of Jony Ive is manifested in the iPhone 11 design, namely size, weight and battery life. “iPhone 11 corrects the biggest mistake of the Jony Ive era.

Of course, as Apple explained in the September 10 event, the A13 consumes much less power than its predecessors, so that comes into play. Engineering consists of constructing an aggregate of many small factors.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max promises up to five hours more battery life than the iPhone XS Max that precedes it. That’s around a 33% increase. This battery boost could come down to a more efficient OLED screen, a bigger or better battery, a more efficient processor, or — most likely — a combination of these factors.

• Author Sorrel goes on to make his case that Apple is taking a new direction and addressing persistent consumer complaints about the obsession with iPhone thinness resulting in poor iPhone battery life. Judge for yourself.

And now, the best of the rest.

More News Debris

• So how much is your iPhone worth if you trade it in for a new iPhone 11? BGR has the numbers.

5G wireless and iPhone

• Speaking of the iPhone 11, just exactly why doesn’t the iPhone 11 have 5G? See: the explanation at The Verge: “Apple’s iPhone 11 doesn’t have 5G because 5G isn’t ready for the iPhone.

Right now, there’s no such thing as a 5G phone that supports all the 5G bands and technologies that carriers and device makers ultimately want. Qualcomm is still on its first-generation 5G modem….

But a multirung strategy that factors in low-, mid-, and high-band spectrum is crucial to making 5G connectivity feel whole, and none of the devices on the market currently will be able to meet that vision when the carriers pursuing it are ready. By next September, Qualcomm will almost certainly have introduced a more capable and future-proofed 5G modem that will better unlock all the potential we keep hearing about. But this first wave of 5G devices is not that.

• This next title from 9to5Mac is self-explanatory. “Apple TV+ content supports Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, but only on certain devices.” I was surprised that an iPhone as old as the iPhone 8 supports Dolby Vision.

Netflix, Apple and others have championed Dolby Vision so I don’t hear much about HDR10 anymore. It might be dying on the vine.

• So what didn’t Apple announce on September 10? 9to5Mac presents its list. I think Apple did a good job covering the essentials in 1h:42m, and nothing important was omitted. We’ll get most of the rest later in the year.

• Did you know? Apple put an Easter egg secret message in its supercut summary of the iPhone event. TechCrunch explains and reveals the secret text..

• Finally, at Macworld Jason Cross does a phenomenal job of documenting everything about AppleCare+. This is must reading. AppleCare+: Everything you need to know about Apple’s extended warranty program.

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5 thoughts on “The iPhone 11, First of the Post-Ive Era, Shows New Design Trends

  • I think the first camera bump was the first post-Ive era phone. They have been letting him fade away for a while now, but just had to sack him over the MacBook debacle. Keyboards that fail and Pro machines that thermal throttle after an hour? That just couldn’t stand.

    1. You make it sound like Cook fired Ive. To play devil’s advocate, what if it’s Ive that quit because he wasn’t happy with how Cook has been running Apple, kowtowing to the interests of Wall Street and not if its most loyal customers?

  • With Ive gone – now maybe Apple can build a iPhone that after I plunk down my $1200-1400 dollars for an iPhone, I don’t need to add an additional $25 dollar case to just able to pick the slippery uncased iPhone up off the desk. You can thank Ive for that design FLAW all these years.

    1. the slippery uncased iPhone

      I am looking forward to feeling the new mat finish on the back.

      The AirPods are slick which is easy on the ear canals, but does contribute to them slipping out of the fingers.

    2. I can’t imagine Ive going for another phone with a glass back. We’ve all been down that road and it sucks. I’m sure Apple wanted Liquid Metal for wireless charging, but Apple should have been working on some kind of starch plastic replacement back if that wasn’t going to deliver. Glass is heavy and dumb. Ive gave up when they told him they only needed him for a new design every 4 years. We all want a phone with iPad Pro design language. I for one, could do without wireless charging for that.

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