BGR reports on iPhone 13 details leaked.

iPhone 13 Details Leaked

It’s always fascinating to hear surmises and leaks about future Apple iPhones. This is especially true because not everyone may be on an upgrade cycle targeting an iPhone 12 this year. Getting a glimpse of the iPhone 13 might help trigger or defer that decision. BGR writes:

A Twitter user who goes by the name of Fudge, and who posts Apple rumors with some regularity, shared the “alleged” camera plans for one of the iPhone 13 prototypes.

iPhone X with camera lens for HEIF versus JPEG image formats

iPhone cameras are a huge thing. ::cough::

Basically, it’s a four lens deign with impressive specs. Of course, the caveat is, “Fudge made it clear that all this information should be taken with enough salt, as nothing is confirmed.”

As the article points out, this could just be one model’s prototype. Still, fun stuff to ponder as we plan ahead.

The Week’s Apple News Debris

• HBO Max has launched. But there’s a wrinkle. “HBO stops participating in Apple TV Channels, users directed to HBO Max app.” By the way, you may already qualify for a free subscription. See this note at the HBO Max Help Center.

• iMore reports on a survey of 10,000 users by Park Associates of streaming TV service market share. Here’s the tl;dr version.

  1. Netflix – 56%
  2. Amazon Prime Video – 43%
  3. Hulu – 32%
  4. Disney+ – 25%
  5. Apple TV+ – 10%

“CBS All Access, HBO Now, Showtime, ESPN+, and Starz round out the top 10.” It’ll be very interesting to see how NBCUniversal’s Peacock fares in six and then 12 months.

Apple Watch is doing fine.

• Meanwhile, the Apple Watch is doing well despite the COVID-19 pandemic. iMore (again) reports: “Apple retains top spot in the wearables market in Q1, shipping 21 million units.” Quoted from IDC:

Apple was once again the top wearables company with a 29.3% share and 21.2 million units. While Apple Watch shipments declined due to difficulties in the supply chain, the strength of the Beats and Airpods[sic] lineup was more than enough to offset the negative growth.

• A new Apple TV 4K is said to be imminent. Filipe Espósito at 9to5Mac fills us in. “Should you buy an Apple TV right now or wait for a new model?” Notable:

Based on a leaked iOS 14 early build obtained by 9to5Mac, we know that Apple is working on a new version of Apple TV remote. The current sleek Siri Remote with a touch surface is considered a downside by some users, so perhaps Apple is reconsidering its design.

It makes perfect sense to include a redesigned remote with a new Apple TV 4K that has an A12X CPU to entice users to upgrade. As for those who think their current 2017 Apple TV 4K is good enough, see: “Why Apple May be Releasing a New Apple TV 4K.

The evolution of robots is inevitable.

• Before the pandemic, I wrote here a lot about commercial and family robots—something I see as a missed opportunity by Apple. Now, it seems that the pandemic is making the case even stronger in many ways.

For example, when you tell a robot to clean something thoroughly, you can be sure the job gets done right. Safely. No corners cut. For much more, see: “In a world gripped by pandemic, we need robots.” [Subscription may be required.]

• Finally,

Ahem. Replicator: Tea, Earl Grey, decaff.

Particle Debris is generally a mix of John Martellaro’s observations and opinions about a standout event or article(s) of the week followed by a discussion of articles that didn’t make the TMO headlines, the technical news debris. The column is published most every Friday except for holiday weeks.

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How come Disney+ does not rate an en-dash?


Funny you would mention the tea thing at the end. Our primary streaming service is CBSAA. But being in Canada we have not gotten access to the channels and other additional material that came out of the Viacom merger. One of the shows we have not gotten is Picard. We had Disney+ but being in Canada we couldn’t get HULU or SI. Netflix is a joke up here with a fraction of the content just south of the border. In fact it seems like most of the services have forgotten about Canada. You know the country with the long cold… Read more »