macOS Mojave Makes the Leap Into a New Mac Era

macOS Mojave beta

A deep look at the public beta of macOS Mojave reveals that there’s a lot going on. It represents a genuine Mac makeover.

macOS Mojave beta
First macOS Mojave public beta available for download. And delight.

That verdict comes from the Particle Debris article of the week via Jason Snell at Six Colors.

Here’s how author Snell launches the discusion:

macOS Mojave feels like a macOS update that’s truly about the Mac, extending features that are at the core of the Mac’s identity. At the same time, macOS Mojave represents the end of a long era (of stability or, less charitably, stagnation) and the beginning of a period that could completely redefine what it means to use a Mac.

For openers, Snell discusses dark mode. While it may seem that this is just cosmetic glitz, dark mode is something pros have wanted very much.

Apple’s pro apps, Final Cut and Logic, both received dark-interface updates in the past few years.

Just as significant is the new view mode in the Finder, called gallery. What’s happening here is that Apple recognized that the Finder had become somewhat tame in it’s functionality. You can do Finder-like things with files, but when it comes to common operations on files, (or viewing metadata) features were weither disjointed or subsumed by a suite of apps, Apple’s and third party. Mojave’s Finder begins to fix all that. In his gallery section, author Snell goes into considerable detail on the new Finder, editing files, the desktop and stacks.

Finder image editing.
Finder image editing.

There’s a whole lot more. iOS apps. Screenshots. Continuity camera. The new Mac App store. I could go on, but I need not provide a detailed outline before encouraging you to just go read this comprehensive, indeed, inspiring grand tour of the Mojave public beta.

As a side note, I can’t help thinking that Mojave would become even more exciting, if that’s possible, if there were a Mac event in July/August launching a suite of new, exciting Macs to whet our appetite. The combination of Mojave and some new, powerful, well-designed Macs could wow us and set the Mac back on a solid growth path. The complaints of the creative and technical professionals would be silenced, and we’d once again be Mac users who are surprised and delighted instead of beleaguered.

My gut says that event is coming.

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2 thoughts on “macOS Mojave Makes the Leap Into a New Mac Era

  • John:

    These are interesting takes on where Apple OS tech specifically, but perhaps even some of the hardware, may be headed.

    Regarding Snell’s take on macOS, the two major new features to Mojave leave me somewhat underwhelmed. It’s not that dark mode will not be cool, undoubtedly it will be and I will, undoubtedly, play with if not adopt it; nor that Gallery View will not have some practical applications, at least for my workflow – I’ll have to play with it and only time will tell – rather it’s that macOS is a mature product. I personally neither expect nor desire radical shifts in new versions, unless these are driven by the emergence of new technologies and/or threats that compel these changes if we are to remain either competitive or safe. Unless there is a compelling use case, adding new features to a mature product becomes a mere ‘fascinoma’ with which we immediately tire, if not an outright distraction, which we have to ignore to be productive. I have little doubt that we will, in the not too distant future, be compelled to make substantive but welcomed changes in how the macOS and other operating systems work in order to exploit new capabilities.

    As for MS, they continue to impress under Satya Nadella. I’m not sure that I concur that the Surface Book 2 is everything that the MBP should be, however for anyone wanting the former, they should go for it. The barrier to platform switching is lower than it has probably ever been between these two systems. I’m not sure how well the Surface works, and mixed reviews have left me cool on any idea of switching. Indeed, I’m happy with my MBP and notably, my iPad Pro; and am grateful that the latter is not powered by macOS. Even this past week, I could do things at my conference with the iPad Pro that I could not with the MBP, iOS being a factor in my productivity. If we ever get to a touchscreen Mac, I hope that the execution is more consistent than what I’ve read thus far in Surface Book reviews.

    In the meantime, I’m looking forward to playing with the new operating systems once the roll out.

  • Thanks John. I love your Particle Debris. I wish you would indicate in the headline that that is what it is, perhaps by adding a PD at the beginning or end.

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