The Particle Debris item of the week isn’t a written article. Instead it’s a concept video, a joint effort by Federico Vittici at MacStories and designer Sam Beckett in the UK. The reason it’s so cool is because it punctuates the hunger we all have for a new iOS on the iPad that leaves the past behind, truly enables and excites. You’ll love these concepts.

There are several chapters in this concept video.

  1. Drag and Drop
  2. The Shelf
  3. App Picker
  4. Pro Features

The Pro Features break with tradition and expose part of the file system. Even though we might think that Apple would never expose the file system this way, it’s tempting to contemplate how Apple might break with tradition and make an exciting, quantum leap into the future.

That kind of capability, combined with the previous three concepts, is just what Apple needs to breathe new life into the sagging iPad sales. The concepts are daring, tantalizing, and immediately make one think about the creative possibilities these features would unleash.

I know Apple can’t just appropriate these concepts. There would be legal entanglements even if they were offered up freely. The point is that Apple has the engineering talent to take the iPad to the next level with its own unique brand of visually exciting features that would have us standing in line for a new iPad…

… at the Apple Store at 0600 in the morning. Wouldn’t that be a sight?

Next Page: The News Debris For The Week Of May 15th. The rebirth of the Mac is coming.


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There is something much more important. Apple should release new Mac models every year, as done with iOS gadgets. Macs should have standard connectors allowing upgradable components, including SSD, RAM, CPU and GPU. And Apple should not charge two to three times more for the very same component when compared to resellers like Amazon.