If You Thought You Could Skip (or Dismiss) the iPhone X, Think Again

iPhone X edge.

Page 2 – News Debris For The Week of October 30th.

iPhone X: Best of the Best

There was a boatload of interesting articles about the iPhone X this week. One thing is certain, however. As more information gets out about this miracle of engineering, there’s more and more appreciation for its beauty, more understanding of the features, and likely more demand. Here are the most interesting articles I found.

iPhone X Trade-In deal for T-Mobile.
No white area with Silver color because the bezel is so thin and no Home button area.

First, when we heard that Apple would have some iPhone X inventory in the retail stores, for walk-ins, on November 3rd, it was tempting to surmise that it would be only a token number per store. But 9to5Mac has evidence that there were more allocated than natural pessimism would suggest. “Reports that Apple Stores may have more iPhone X stock than expected for walk-in customers.

BGR discusses some of the interesting internals of the iPhone X: “iPhone X secrets revealed: The phone has two batteries and two logic boards

For a more extensive overview of the development of the iPhone X, I recommend this article by Lance Ulanoff at Mashable. “This is how Apple built the iPhone X.

iPhone X owners will become familiar with new display technology: the notch and the horns. Here’s a light-hearted missive: “I finally understand what the iPhone X ‘notch’ is for.

The iPhone X is even more impressive when we note that “iPhone X tech was originally meant to show up in 2018, Apple’s Riccio says.

If your iPhone is out of warranty or AppleCare+, it’s going to cost a pretty penny to have it repaired, screen broken or otherwise. Here’s a chart that shows how expensive it’ll be to repair the latest iPhones. My advice is to spend the US$199 for AppleCare+ if you purchase an iPhone X. Yes, I know Apple always makes money on AppleCare, an so it’s not what’s called a “fair bet.” Even so, you’re also paying for peace of mind.

Finally, from the awesome Steven Levy himself, (Wired) we get one of his quintessential product reviews that really shines. “The First First Impression Of The iPhone X.” This may be a first impression, but it’s also darn thorough. And inspiring.

I can’t wait for mine to ship.

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7 thoughts on “If You Thought You Could Skip (or Dismiss) the iPhone X, Think Again

  • A quick note about AppleCare and AppleCare+.

    If you sell your Apple device before your AppleCare policy expires, Apple will refund the cost of the unused portion.

    If you buy AppleCare outright, you have to request the refund, either with a phone call to Apple Customer Service or a visit to your nearest Apple store.

    If you’re using the iPhone Upgrade program, the AppleCare refund comes automatically when the balance due is forgiven.

  • Another brief observation about the iPhone X.

    Any notion that production demands hampered facial recognition performance is, from my personal practical user experience, inapparent. I have been impressed how easily it works under various lighting conditions.

    Second, adapting to the absence of the home button and new gestures has, within 48 hours, become second nature, so much so that using Touch ID on my MBP almost feels…Iron Age. The gestures are natural, and the smaller form factor, compared to my old 6s Plus, makes one-handed use simple.

    Third, the thing is rugged. This is the first time I’ve not wanted to use a case on my iPhone since cases became a thing, although I do have a clear case that I like. I had my first drop onto a hard tile floor and not a scratch. The device feels solid.

    Fourth, iOS 11.1 is, not surprisingly, more fluid and responsive on this device than on my older iPhone, something about which I commented after upgrading to the new OS.

    I’m attending a week-long conference beginning tomorrow, and my iPhone will get plenty of use in the bustle of one of the largest scientific conferences in health, and I’ll have to reconsider whether or not to use a case.

    The only thing I’ve noted, which might be non-related to the iPhone but coincident with its activation is that the battery life on my Series 3 Apple Watch seems shorter. Twice, I’ve run low on battery life towards the end of the day with no change in my use patterns. I’m reporting this in case anyone else has a similar observation.

    Anyway, I have a conference to prepare for.


  • I got my iPhone X yesterday. A few observations…

    The build quality and components are head and shoulders above any previous iPhone design. The look and feel are spectacular and every sub-system is significantly improved. The smoothness and seamlessness of the experience is palpable. The display is spectacular, Face ID is nearly invisible to the user, and the new gestural UI is a smooth as skating on pristine ice.

    Face ID and the new gestural navigation paradigm feel futuristic and new, but also very familiar, as if they were inevitable. After spending time with the iPhone X, the iPhone 7 feels primitive in comparison.

    However, getting used to the new UI paradigm is just enough of an adjustment to evoke a deep appreciation for just how great the ‘Home Button’ interface was. It is clear that Apple worked very hard to come up with a new system that gets rid of the bezels and Home button without losing the flow of the original UI paradigm. They succeeded with flying colors.

    Hats off to the folks at Apple! Truly a an exceptional job of reimaginjng the iPhone. It just works and it’s a joy to use.

  • Just a few comments about the price.
    Much has been made of the £1000 phone, it’s expensive, I can’t afford one. I was talking to a friend and they said they won’t be buying a new laptop but will be buying the x. He’s got to the point he doesn’t need a laptop, a x will do. So money saved there paid for the x. Some others may be thinking the same.

  • When I look at the X I see a start. It’s as Triumph said “The Shape of Things To Come”. Over the next few years I expect more phones will adopt the borderless/buttonless form. Once that’s done the iPad will be due for a major revision and will get it too. They may not all get OLED initially, but the trend toward X styling is inevitable. By 2025 people will ask “Remember the mechanical Home Button? How did we ever put up with that?”

  • Today my wife and I were at a shopping center, there was quite a line for iPhone X buyers, They had the line split up into about 4 so that shoppers for other stores wouldn’t have to “Excuse me” through.

  • John:

    Just a quick comment on the iPhone X, as mine has just arrived and been set up.

    First, the photos don’t do it justice. This thing is a jewel. I have a clear minimal case, but don’t want to use it, at least for now. The phone’s lines are that good.

    Face ID is fast, so fast in fact, that for the first few times, I didn’t realise that the phone was even unlocked. It’s that fast.

    Pairing my Apple Watch was facilitated by the iPhone X which both offered to pair my watch, then did it, and unpaired it from my old iPhone. All I had to do was type in the pin code on my new iPhone to make it happen. Migration from my old iPhone was fast, and facilitated by linking the two devices via camera.

    As for there being two batteries, that makes sense. The battery showed only half charge, and despite connecting it directly to a wall socket to charge it, it has barely moved after an hour. It’ll be interesting to see how battery life performs once fully charged.

    I’ll try to come back later and share my experience. Curious to hear from others.

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