While conducted online or the first time, this year’s Apple Worldwide Developer Conference, WWDC, is expected to be just as exciting as ever. I’m talking WWDC 2020 Great Expectations.

At TechCrunch, Brian Heater reports: What to expect from Apple’s WWDC 2020. It’s a good read.

Invite for WWDC 2020 Full Stream Ahead keynote

WWDC 2020 Great Expectations

While Microsoft’s Build Conference was a “mixed bag” and Google’s I/O Conference was cancelled, Apple can always be depended on to put on a great show, no matter the conditions.

The event will open with the Keynote presentation, open to everyone via streaming video, on Monday, June 22, at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

Author Heater opens,

As a rule, the news generally revolves around updates to Apple’s various operating systems (this is still a developer conference, mind), but more often than not, hardware has a way of sneaking in there as well. Given a recent update to the 16-inch MacBook Pro and a new system for upgrading Mac Pro’s storage, there’s a decent chance that Apple is making room for bigger announcements at the event.

Given the virtual certainty of some kind of announcement of ARM-based Macs (for 2021 launch), hardware may well play a larger role than ever before. Also, the Keynote will probably present a new version of Xcode and some demos of porting macOS apps. (So easy!) Recently, Dave Hamilton and I hashed out just what this gradual rollout may look like.

[WWDC Speculation: ARM Mac Rollout – TMO Daily Observations 2020-06-15]

Trickier will be how Apple handles Mac hardware refreshes for the rest of the year, namely the iMac, iMac Pro and Mac mini. Personally I doubt we’ll see anything but new (Intel) iMacs with a near bezel-free design. Heater weighs in:

Other rumored hardware includes a redesigned version of Apple’s popular all-in-one desktop. An update is certainly long overdue on this front. The iMac’s design language has been largely unchanged since 2012 (which was a relatively minor change over earlier unibody designs). Aesthetically, the redesigned system is expected to be more in line with the iPad Pro up top, coupled with much thinner bezels…. The T2 chip is said to finally be making its way into the line, as well.

Apple Operating Systems

On the iOS 14 front, I reported on that recently, right here. “iOS 14 Glimpses Reveal Major Changes.

macOS Catalina

The pause that refreshes.

Regarding macOS, author Heater proposes:

In addition, macOS is shaping up to be a relatively light update to 10.16 — at least if the rumors are correct. Top of the list here are more ported iOS apps, courtesy of the Catalyst program, along with developer customizable Siri (which would also be an iOS update….)

I would go further. macOS 10.16 ought to be deferred into 2021 on ARM-based Macs, and any changes this year should rolled into Catalina.

[The Case for Apple to Postpone macOS 10.16 into 2021]

Not mentioned by Heater is the long-rumored new Apple TV 4K to support 120 Hz refresh over the internet in support of advanced Apple Arcade games. I expect an announcement.

[Rumor Analysis: A New Apple TV 4K]

A final item on my own list to be resolved is the lingering dependence on HFS+ for Time Machine. I hope and expect that to get resolved at this year’s WWDC.

There are so many exciting possibilities this year. Expectations are high, even without the customary in-person crowds to cheer Apple on.

Particle Debris is generally a mix of John Martellaro’s observations and opinions about a standout event or article(s) of the week followed by a discussion of articles that didn’t make the TMO headlines, the technical news debris. The column is published most every Friday except for holiday weeks.

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John:   First, Happy Father’s Day to you and to all of the fathers out there.    Just a quick thought; although I expect it to happen, in fact it probably needs to happen, I think Apple releasing new iMacs and perhaps even an updated iMac Pro on the Intel architecture is ultimately a losing proposition, and that Apple should plan production accordingly. At the outset, let me concede that this is based on a longer term view than on immediate benefit or reward.    Undoubtedly, there is demand for a revised and updated iMac line, however if Apple are… Read more »


Haven’t been paying much attention recently but seems to me that a natural entry strategy for an ARM Mac is as a Chrome fighter in the education market. Get young kids used to ARM Macs then expand the model range into more powerful versions as the first gen of ARM kids move on to college and beyond.


Bring Time Machine 2 to backup into AFPS disks. Then release full APFS documentation about how to write to APFS disks and API tools (as available for HFS+), so that Alsoft can release DiskWarrior 6 o rebuild the directory of APFS disks (safety net). Just about time, since APFS was announced-released by June-September 2017, THREE YEARS AGO!!!


Agreed. Actually TimeMachine is past due for an overhaul. Ex: Why can’t you do a TimeMachine backup to iCloud? Here’s another: I find the backup DB corrupts every couple of years. I have to format and restart my TM backup sets periodically because of that.
It is time to Reboot Time Machine.


I had the same experience, but found that you can prevent it rebuilding the directory of the Time Machine disk with DiskWarrior 5.2. That is yet another reason to want DiskWarrior 6 for APFS.


I would not be surprised if this goes so well, and is so popular among developers, that Apple stays with a virtual WWDC fir the future. Because really most people watched the keynote online anyway. The conference sessions are being done remotely, and that means more developers will get to see them. Much of the PRESS now likes to have someone at WWDC, but really they get all the information about Apple’s announcements from Apple’s Press Releases. Apple will want to keep the fall, and other, hardware rollout events live, but WWDC could actually be better virtual. Cheaper for Apple,… Read more »