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Page 2 – News Debris For The Week of February 12th
Smart TV Security Specters

• Here’s a quote for you. “…around 90% of smart televisions can be hacked remotely, something intelligence agencies, private contractors and other hackers are clearly eager to take full advantage of.” The lead-off source is this article which highlights a major Consumer Reports article. “Samsung and Roku Smart TVs Vulnerable to Hacking, Consumer Reports Finds.

Is your new smart TV secure?

This report is must reading if you’re planning to purchase a new 4K/UHD smart TV. As I’ve said before, if you trust Apple and tvOS, let the Apple TV drive your new TV via HDMI and leave the TV disconnected from Wi-Fi—except for occasional software updates.

You heard that here first. And often.

More Debris

• I found this interesting story about Bill and Melinda Gates. The couple has been married since 1994, and it’s been fascinating to watch the the evolution of this couple, their relationship and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

• Mike Bombich, author of Carbon Copy Cloner, has found a small but important APFS bug. It applies to “APFS sparse disk images only — ordinary APFS volumes (e.g. your SSD startup disk) are not affected by this problem.” Read about it here at Mike’s blog. “macOS may lose data on APFS-formatted disk images.

• On February 17, an iPhone 6 will be pitted, computationally, against some computers of the past. It should be fun and interesting. “Apple iPhone 6 vs world’s oldest working computer: Iconic machines from past seven decades do battle.

• Often, a video ad will extol the virtues of a company’s product. Good idea. But when an ad tries to arrogantly and fundamentally change the nature of the conversation about a product or product category, it can run into trouble. Here’s a playful example of some pushback to Apple’s infamous “what’s a computer?” ad. Well deserved humorous poke in my book.

• Finally, over at Applemust, Jonny Evans has made a list of recent Apple snafus. “8 Apple fails in just 46-days.” And he doesn’t even cover the awful root access disaster from 2017. I like his closing sentence. “Why not let the competition make a few errors for a while?”


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Roku responded to the Consumer Reports article a while back:

TLDR: The two features that create the supposed security risk can be turned off; one isn’t even turned on by default.

Lee Dronick

McAfee’s customer support is at McAfee’s website.

Lee Dronick

Thanks John. My concern was that it might have linked to a phishing site as well as being spam.

W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

John: Completely off topic for anything related to Apple, I can affirm Melinda Gates’ assertion that her husband, Bill, is a good listener and can be persuaded by a compelling argument. I’ve had the fortune of hosting the couple at my field site overseas years ago, and had a repeat visit by Melinda a few years later. On the first visit, I had been instructed by the team’s visit coordinator to talk to them about our findings in diarrhoea surveillance, for which we had some data, but about which were not doing much since there were a number of diarrhoeal… Read more »


I didn’t see PBS on the list