Apple’s streaming music execution has been nearly flawless. From all but abandoning the world’s largest and most profitable online music store, to launching a “radio station,” to attracting tens of millions of monthly subscribers, Apple Music has been a huge hit. And two bits of news hit me on Monday to emphasize just how good Apple’s execution has been.

Beats 1 in 5th Avenue Apple Store

The first was a nice scoop from AppleInsider, who reported that the Apple 5th Avenue remodel might include a Beats 1 studio. Apple has been in the process of expanding its mind-bogglingly successful retail location in the heart of Manhattan since January. The company is taking the store from 32,000 square feet to 77,000 square feet, all of it underground.

This store is already a retail wonder. It’s open 24/7, 365, and  packed at all hours. Even the gorgeous glass cube entryway is a tourist attraction. This particular location is a big part of why Apple’s retail stores generate more profit per square foot than any other.

AppleInsider‘s source is singular and unspecified, but reporter Roger Fingas called that source reliable. If accurate, the Beats 1 space is happening, but we don’t know much about it. Apple Music could use it for special events, or it could be the new daily production studio for Ebro Darden, the Beats 1 DJ who already hosts his show elsewhere in Manhattan.

Ebro Darden Beat 1 Promo Pic

Ebro Darden Promo Pic for Beats 1

My guess would be the latter, rather than the former, but only time will tell. Beats 1 has been a huge success, and I suspect there would be a lot of interest in seeing a show as it’s being made. It would certainly bring some great exposure to Beats 1 for Apple Music.

The flip side is how much room Apple wants to make for gawkers. Apple 5th Avenue already has very large crowds, many of whom are sightseers. That’s part of why I think a daily-use studio makes more sense than a special event location.

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Actually, Music is #4 or 5.


Agreed with dhp. Chrome has no use for my teen(15) and 21 year old. Never have.
My teen’s top 5 apps:
1. Snapchat
2. Group messaging app (don’t recall the name)
3. Netflix
4. YouTube
5. Instagram
15. Whatever web browser is available.


While I agree with your assessment of Chrome as an unlikely top-ten “cool thing” amongst teens, I am not skeptical at all of YouTube being ranked that highly. If not for the fact that she recently became obsessed with Doctor Who, my daughter would watch nothing but YouTube. In fact, she might do nothing else if we let her. Her favorite celebrities are “YouTubers.” She is not quite a teen yet, but I don’t see a lot changing in the next couple of years.