Hey, are you a proud owner of Google Home who got all pissy when you found an ad inserted your morning summary? Well, suck it up, buttercup. You’ve got no one to blame but yourself.

Google Home, Now with More Ads!™

Google Home, Now with More Ads!™

I mean, for real. You pay for a device from a company whose very business model is to plunder your life for data it can then sell to advertisers. And that device listens to everything you say, 24/7, 365. And you get pissy when it spews an ad at you?

What on earth did you think you were buying? Google Home is either a surveillance device or an ad delivery vehicle. Period. Wait, I’m sorry, it turns out it’s both.

And now you’re upset about it?

Outrageous Behavior

Rants on Twitter sprouted like mushrooms after a rainshower. Engadget opined. The Verge covered. Redditors complained.

Me? I’m not having it. Google’s business model is corporate surveillance leveraged into ads. All of its “free” services and other products are merely new ways to turn you into the product. This is well understood. If you invite pay money to bring that crap into your life, you have no moral high ground to stand on when Google does Google.


Of Icing and Cakes

My favorite has to be this person:

Wait, let me get this straight? Google inserting an ad into your morning dose of information is “somehow” worse than Apple giving you a free album?

I can’t even. It’s amazing how so many people managed to live through the Great Apple Gave Me Something for Free Crisis of 2014.

If there’s a god in heaven, that’s an ironic dig at the outrage. Somehow, I fear it’s not..

Not an Ad

In the meanwhile, Google said this ad for Beauty and the Beast delivered to a lot of Google Home users wasn’t an ad at all. It was merely the product of Google working with a “partner” to deliver “timely” information.




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Make that “technology” companies.


@MrDevanWright – We understand why you’re mad, but not why you’re surprised! ;D As Bryan notes, pushing ads (along with surveillance and privacy violation) is precisely Google’s core business model. However, I do think that Google might not have intended to push ads out to their paying customers at this time – I suspect that they were testing a new “feature” and somehow it got pushed to all of their customers. Overall, it seems like many electronics companies have used dystopian fiction (1984, etc.) as a product roadmap for in-home surveillance technology: “smart” TVs with webcams, living-room body scanners (Kinect),… Read more »

It is completely absurd to think there would be ads pushed through your Google Home. Just because the device is from an ad based company doesn’t mean we should have the expectation of ads. If I paid $130 for my damn Google Home, I too would be pissed. Using their free online search and it displays ads? No problem. Facebook showing ads while I scroll? No problem. But to pay $130 and then still have ads? That’s absurd.


When people were kvetching so horrendously about that U2 release is the precise moment I knew with certainty that the majority of the web and social media had passed the tipping point – trollish behavior, negativity, ignorance, hostility, all the worst of people’s online behavior had become not just the norm, but was actively being fostered and encouraged. I just can’t even, either. I suppose if people insist on being so willfully ignorant, they deserve what they get to an extent, it isn’t as though any of this is a secret about Google. I haven’t used anything of theirs consciously… Read more »

John Kheit

Have to agree with Bryan. You reap what you sew. People are placing wiretap devices in their home and then they’re shocked at the results of being constantly wiretapped. 🙄


Bryan: Let me get this straight. A farmer harvests crops, sells them to market and people purchase and consume them. Of course. An organ donor company harvests body organs, sells them to an organ recipient who then consumes the organ into their own body. What else would you expect? Google harvests user data from their client base…and you’re saying that they then sell those data to third parties who then use those data to market stuff to those same users so that they can purchase and consume products? Who would have thought that harvesting data would lead to endpoint consumption?… Read more »


Upset about ads in this day and age? Seriously? Ever use a free iOS app? How about a web page? Loving my Google Home….


You purchase a device from the world’s biggest ad delivery company and you’re surprised and irate that they use the device to deliver an ad to you?


Why is this a surprise? Not just that it’s Google. I mean we’ve been getting news, weather, sorts, and chat in the mornings with ads for most of a century now.