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What You Need to Know About 4K/HDR

There’s been a lot of discussion about 4K UHD TVs with High Dynamic Range (HDR). This is something the next Apple TV will have to deal with, and so it’s time to read up. Here’s a pretty good introduction to HDR and why it’s important. “Here’s why HDR, not 4K, is the most important upgrade for your next TV.

There are two levels of HDR, HDR10 (10-bit) and Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision is superior but requires extra hardware that not all TV makers may want to include. But to get a general idea of what HDR can do, check out Dolby’s demo page.

Demo of Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision on left. Plain 4K on right.

The upshot right now is that when you read about other set top boxes that support 4K streaming, (while the Apple TV does not) don’t forget to checkout their HDR capabilities. “Leak points to refreshed Roku devices sporting new names, HDR support.

Other companies like Amazon and Roku were out early with 4K set-top boxes and made Apple look bad. But now there will have to be next generation models with HDR. When Apple finally catches up, look for the kind of HDR that’s supported. Since HDR is fairly common now in new 4K sets, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple announced a 5th generation Apple TV just in time for the holiday season in December.


You’ve probably read that Apple is dropping the name “store” from its retail stores. It seems rather odd at first until one ponders the notion of what people really want from brick & mortar locations. Forbes explains Apple’s motivation nicely. “Why The Apple Store Is Changing Its Name.

When the iPhone was first introduced in 2007, Apple introduced us to emails that ended in “Sent from my iPhone.” For some, it made them proud to announced their mobility skills. Other seemed less inclined to brag.
Over the years, its use has seemed to wear thin. But The Guardian has a fresh take on this usage. See: “Sent From My iPhone: how a humblebrag became a key piece of net etiquette.

Amidst all the discussion of the EU and Apple corporate taxes paid in Ireland, it’s interesting to see how Apple’s cash (and securities) has evolved over the years. Business Insider’s Chart of the Day comes to the rescue.

Apple's cash on hand

Apple’s cash & securities accrual. Image credit: Business Insider.

Personal computer technology emerged in the mid 1970s, a time when Baby Boomers were in their youth. But not every Baby Boomer got on board early and grew with the technology. Today, there are millions of Baby Boomer who got left behind and are struggling. Over at Tech.pinions Mark Lowenstein asks: “Has Tech Forgotten Boomers?” A good read.

It’s been said that Apple builds amazing hardware but hasn’t quite mastered, for years now, cloud services. Dan Moren at Macworld has noticed that, “For something that’s supposed to give customers a little peace of mind, iCloud seems to cause an undue amount of stress instead.” Why does that have to be? Check out Dan’s analysis. “Hey, Apple: It’s time to rethink iCloud.

Finally, in late 2014, I wrote about a very credible and sophisticated flying car from AeroMobil. Here’s the original link: “The Next Generation Flying Car from AeroMobil.” I thought this project had a good chance of success. Now, it looks like success is assured. Here’s an update with a great video. “This flying car is real and it can fly 430 miles on a full tank.” You’ll need a pilot’s license, but hey. It’ll be worth it to soar above all those autonomous cars on the road below.


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