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The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius? - January 2nd, 2000

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December 2000

Apple's K-10 And Apple's Future - December 18th, 2000
Apple's Stock: A Double Your Money Gamble? - December 4th, 2000

November 2000

Demand A Recount Of Those PC Crashes, Apple Is The People's Choice! - November 22nd, 2000
Election 2000: This Year, Think Different - November 6th, 2000

October 2000

Apple Explained Part III: Discounting The Fears - October 30th, 2000
Apple Explained, Part II: What Ails Apple?
- October 16th, 2000

Apple Explained, Part 1: In Steve We Trust - October 2nd, 2000

September 2000

Mac OS X: Gentle Migration Or Chaotic Diaspora? - September 18th, 2000
Is Apple A Software Company Or A Hardware Company? - September 7th, 2000

August 2000

All Aboard The AAPL Express! - August 28th, 2000
The iMac: A Case Study In Historical Contingency & Evolutionary Convergence - August 21st, 2000
Only 135 Shopping Days Till Christmas & Other Apple Observations
- August 14th, 2000

July 2000

Apple's Business Operations: It's a Beautiful Thing - July 31st, 2000
Steve Jobs: "We want to stand at the intersection of computers and humanism"
- July 24th, 2000
Authentic MACWORLD Rumors!
- July 10th, 2000
Is Apple's Four Cornered Hardware Strategy A Done Deal Or A Foundation?
- July 3rd, 2000

June 2000

The Deplorable State Of Mac Web Journalism - June 26th, 2000
Investing On Faith
- June 19th, 2000
The Apple Cycle: Summer Brings A Good Bite
- June 12th, 2000
What Time Is It?
- June 6th, 2000

May 2000

If You' Got The Cojones, Buy AAPL Now - May 30th, 2000
The WWDC & Apple Handheld: Discounting The Fear
- May 22nd, 2000
Why Has The Long Rally In Apple's Stock Stalled Out?
- May 8th, 2000
To Break Up Microsoft Is A Slap In Capitalism's Face. Thanks, We Needed That!
- May 1st, 2000

April 2000

Apple Reported Strong Earnings: Why Did The Stock Go Down? - April 24th, 2000
The Descent into Darkness
- April 17th, 2000
Announcing The Mac Observer High Tech Aggressive Growth Stock Portfolio
- April 10th, 2000
AAPL Is A Growth Stock Wearing A Value PE
- April 3rd, 2000

March 2000

Hey, eMachine --> Pull My Finger - March 27th, 2000
Apple, Dumb Money, & The New Economy
- March 13th, 2000
Apple's Big Break Out
- March 6th, 2000

February 2000

Market Lore, Virgin Territories and Apple's Geometry - February 28th, 2000
Every Picture, Or Chart, Tells A Story, Including Apple's
- February 22nd, 2000
I Had A Dream: I Was Riding In Steve's New Jet...
- February 14th, 2000

January 2000

Let The Accumulation Begin - January 31st, 2000
Buy Low; Sell High - Why I sold my AAPL stock
- January 24th, 2000
Does Apple Have A Monopoly?
- January 10th, 2000
MacWorld Has Many Challenges To Address
- January 10th, 2000

December 1999

The Rise And Fall Of Microsoft's Empire - December 27th, 1999
It's Apple's best Christmas ever. So why am I so nervous?
- December 20th, 1999
Y2K. The bark that didn't bite?
- December 13th, 1999
The Mother of All Tech Rallies Hails Apple's Ascendancy
- December 6th, 1999

November 1999

Apple's Top Ten Things To Do List for the Year 2000 - November 29th, 1999
The Sorcerer's Apprentice, or Why You Don't Want an Info Appliance Made by a PC Company
- November 22nd, 1999
The Goldilocks Economy, or Why We Don't Need No Stinkin' Interest Rate Hike
- November 15th, 1999
 Here Comes the Judge
- November 8th, 1999
Apple Expects a 71% Increase in Unit Sales for Christmas
- November 1st, 1999

October 1999

Proceed with Caution, Volatility Ahead - October 25th, 1999
Happy Black Monday!
- October 18th, 1999
How Windows Costs The World Economy Billions In Lost Productivity Each Year
- October 11th, 1999
A Brief Technical Analysis Of AAPL: Time To Average Down?
- October 4th, 1999

September 1999

AAPL: The Drama Continues - September 27th, 1999
AAPL's Rise: Perception Is Everything
- September 20th, 1999
A Close Look At AAPL: Enjoy The Ride
- September 13th, 1999
Buy AAPL or get left behind for good!
- September 7th, 1999

August 1999

Where's Apple's Next Insanely Great Idea? - August 30th, 1999
Piracy Against Apple, It's A Cultural Thing
- August 23rd, 1999
Are You a Speculator or an Investor?
- August 16th, 1999
How To Trade Apples
- August 9th, 1999
Where Is Apple's Need For An Internet Strategy
- August 2nd, 1999

July 1999

MACWORLD Mac'd My Day - July 26th, 1999
MacWorld: "Buy On Rumor, Sell On Fact?" Not This Time, Buy On The Facts!
- July 19th, 1999
Apple Makes History and a Little Consumer Portable Speculation
- July 13th, 1999
Summer Rally, Autumn Panic?
- July 6th, 1999

June 1999

Market Sectors: Apple's Destiny vs. The PC's Fate - June 28th, 1999
The iMac Still Has No Competition
- June 21st, 1999
News Alert! Tomorrow Has been Amazoned.
- June 14th, 1999
Is Apple Wall Streets' New Darling?
- June 7th, 1999

May 1999

Astrology, P1 sightings, Convertibles, Debt Rating and, Yes, the AppleTrader goes to MacWorld - May 31st, 1999
Divide & Conquer: April Numbers Read Awry
- May 24th, 1999
Apple, Steady As She Goes
- May 17th, 1999
The Rush To Think Different Is On
- May 10th, 1999
The Market Was Wrong About Apple
- May 3rd, 1999

April 1999

AAPL Starts To Rise...At Last - April 26th, 1999
Market Correction & PC Quality Could Help Apple
- April 19th, 1999
Insanities In The Mac Market
- April 12th, 1999
A Technical Analysis Of AAPL
- April 5th, 1999

March 1999

Top Ten Foolish Ideas for Apple - March 29th, 1999
Apple's Future: Profits Vs. Market Share
- March 22nd, 1999
FUD: The Danger In Apple's Silence
- March 15th, 1999
Apple Stock: All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
- March 8th, 1999
AAPL@34 13/16, An Opportunity To Buy
- March 1st, 1999

February 1999

iRant at CompUSA Part II: The Deadly Combo of MarketSource Corporation, Spiff Rip-Offs, and Low Wages - February 22nd, 1999
iRant at CompUSA: Apple, Buy A Clue!
- February 15th, 1999
It's A Slow Quarter, But The Apple Trader Says "Buy"
- February 8th, 1999
Why FireWire May Make Apple A Smart Buy
- February 1st, 1999

January 1999

Vulcans, Theology, iMacs and Nanosaur - January 25th, 1999
A Detailed Look At Apple's Stock Drop
- January 18th, 1999
1999: The Year of Apple
- January 11th, 1999

December 1998

All Aboard! The Apple Stock Express Is Now Boarding! - December 30th, 1998
Insanely Great Computers, Marketing By Morons
- December 22nd 1998
Tough Love For Apple Computer
- December 14th, 1998
Uncertain Mac Market
- December 7th, 1998

November 1998

AOL Buys Netscape-An Analyst's View - November 30th, 1998
Message Board Prophets
- November 23rd, 1998
Take Iomega, Please - November 13th, 1998

Waiting For The Big One - November 9th, 1998

October 1998

Trick or Treat - October 30th, 1998
Go Ahead And Pinch Yourself, It's Steve's Dream - October 23rd, 1998

Buy Apple Now - October 9th, 1998

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