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Ask Dave
by Dave Hamilton

He from whom all Mac knowledge flows...

Current Column

Back From The Dead With Networking, Virtual PC, & Cable Modem Answers - September 19th

Archived Columns

November 2001

Networking, Cable Modems, & USB Printer Sharing - November 16th

October 2001

Ethernet Fun, Word 6 Quandry, & DVD In Mac OS X 10.1 - October 5th

August 2001

Palm Organizing, Upgrade Tips, & Opening .EXE Files - August 17th

July 2001

Helping PC Techs With Mac Ethernet & Printing Problems - July 6th

June 2001

Network Game Hosting, PC Modems, & Old Hard Drives - June 15th
Advanced Networking Help & Missing Extensions - June 8th

May 2001

Networking Help & Portable Advice - May 18th

April 2001

IE Java Freezes & Playing DivX On Your Mac - April 20th
AirPort, Upgrading From Beta To OS X Final, & Hard Drives - April 6th

March 2001

Dave's FAQ: Viruses, X On Clones, & Old Printers - March 16th
OS X Networking, Cube Hard Drives, & The Green Hornet - March 9th

February 2001

More Toolbar Menus & Advice For Someone Coming From The Dark Side - February 26th
Wiring Your House, LaserWriter Problems, & Burning Audio CDs - February 6th 

January 2001

AirPort Troubles, Modem Tips, & Printers - January 19th

December 2000

Legacy Peripherals, Non-Mounting CDs, & Logging Modem Data - December 29th
Ethernet/LocalTalk, MP3 To WAV, & Cheap Stock Trades - December 8th

November 2000

Totally Trashed Finders, Organizer 2.0, & iMac Recordings - November 24th

October 2000

Dead Clones, IE 5 Problems, & Netscape Too - October 13th

September 2000

SCSI/USB, Deus Ex Mice, & The Command Line In OS X - September 29th
Hard Drive Tips For Mac OS X Beta, Networks Problems, & iMac DV Crashes - September 18th
CD-ROMs, G4 OS Support, & Building A Gaming Network - September 1st

August 2000

The Non-Bootable G3, Upgrade Advice, & S-Video Adapters - August 18th
Trouble with FireWire On Your Pismo? Dave says, 'RTFM' - August 11th

July 2000

Inkjet Printers, iMovie Formats, & Network Problems - July 28th
.AVI Files, IDE Drives, & Weird Auto-Rebooting Macs
- July 14th
From LP To CD, Ethernet Problems, & Startup Disks
- July 7th

June 2000

Printing On PC Networks, DSL On Macs, & Upgrade Advice - June 30th
Spring Cleaning Tips, G4 Modem Problems, & Shutdown Trouble
- June 23rd
Mix-n-Match AirPort Networks, Video Cards, & SCSI Drives
- June 16th
Token Rings, Open Transport Errors, & CD-ROM Drives
- June 9th
DSL Speeds W/AirPort, Remote Administration, & RAM Limitations
- June 2nd

May 2000

Add-On CDRW Drives, Network Rebooting, & Monitor Problems - May 26th
Internal Speakers, Claris Organizer, & AOL Images
- May 19th
Mac-PC Networking, Launcher Problems, & Cable/DSL Security
- May 12th
File Synchronization, Digital Video Buying Advice, & Ethernet Cards
- May 5th

April 2000

Playing .AVI Files, Virtual Memory Problems, & More On .EXE Files - April 28th
iDisk Problems & ".EXE" Files On Your Mac
- April 14th
Netscape Printing & "Smart Browsing," And More MP3 Quality
- April 7th

March 2000

Blessed System Folders & MP3 Quality - March 31st
Missing Finder Menus & Networking Help
- March 24th
Freezing USB Mice Explained!
- March 17th
Using Old Peripherals With A New Mac; An Update On Freezing Mice!
- March 10th
Frozen USB Mice, Adding ATA Controllers & Florida Vacations!
- March 3rd

February 2000

USB Printer Sharing, Crashes, & PCI ATA Controllers - February 25th
Upgrade Advice, Shutdown Freezes, & Using PC Parts
- February 18th
The Low Down On Ethernet And Data Recovery
- February 11th
Dave Shares Some Of His Techiques For Finding Answers!
- February 4th

January 2000

Font Problems, Mac/PC Networking, & Upgrade Advice - January 28th
SCSI-USB Conversion, Upgrade Advice, & AGP Voodoo3 Cards
- January 21st
ViaVoice Errors, Networking, & Proxy Servers
- January 14th
Remote Control Another Mac for FREE & Help with Disk Images
- January 7th

December 1999

MIMEs, USB Cameras, & Controlling Someone Else's Mac - December 31st
RAM, USB Gaming Options, & Mac/PC Networking
- December 24th
Which Voodoo3 Card Is Right For You?
- December 17th
Ethernet to LocalTalk, USB, and Helping A Mac User Choose AppleShare
- December 10th
Upgrading CD-ROMs, Networking, And My First Y2K Question!
- December 3rd

November 1999

Epson Printer Driver Crashes, Mac OS 9 RAM, and Finder Delays - November 26th
Novell Networks, G4s, DVD ROM or RAM, And More On DSL Stalls
- November 18th
DSL Stalls, Word 6 Crashes, and More Bad RAM
- November 11th
Mac OS 9 Compatibility, And The G3 Vs. The G4
- November 4th

October 1999

Should You Upgrade To Mac OS 9? - October 28th
Mac/PC Security Through Cable Modems
- October 21st
USB Tips, Faster Internet, And MacOS 9
- October 14th
Dealing With The Undeletable Folder From [That Hot Place]
- October 7th

September 1999

AVI and More Networking Questions Answered - September 30th
Networking and PowerBook Questions Answered
- September 23rd
Yellow Monitors, And Dave Gets Corrected
- September 16th
Desktop Files Explained and B&W G3s
- September 9th
Products That Can Solve Your Problems
- September 2nd

August 1999

Networking New Macs With Older Printers - August 26th
Dead Hard Drives and QuickTime 4
- August 19th
New Networking Nightmares
- August 12th
Networking And Mac-to-Stereo Hookups
- August 5th

July 1999

The Honest Truth About Hard Drives - July 29th
Positively Puzzling Printers!
- July 22nd
Mind-boggling Malfunctioning Monitors!
- July 15th
Dave's Rules for Backing Up Your Mac (and more!)
- July 8th
A Hard Drive Specification Primer and Sanford & Son!
- July 1st

June 1999

Newer Macs On Old Networks And A Fix For The Dreaded Death Spiral - June 24th
Of Drives And RAM
- June 17th
How Do I Back Up My Blue & White!?!?
- June 10th
The Dreaded Death Spiral
- June 3rd

May 1999

Modem Scripts, Proxy Servers, Power Losses,and an AutoCAD Update - May 27th
Mega Networking, OS 8.5 On Umax Clones, Recording, and Roadrunner
- May 20th
DHCP & Cable Modems, PC Emulation, and School Networking
- May 13th
SCSI On B&Ws, Mac Novell Networking, and SOHO Networking
- May 6th

April 1999

Word Problems, Power Strips, Swapping Motherboards, and Disk Errors - April 29th
Word Margins, Video Cards, Stuffit, Geoport Modems, and an Observer Call
- April 22nd
Ethernet Printing, Netscape Prefs, Home Networks, and CrashGuard
- April 15th
Upgrading To 8.5.1, Multiple Monitors, Partition Errors, And Nav Services
- April 8th
The QuickTime/SimpleText Connection, 8.5.1 RAM, and Miscreant SCSI Busses
- April 1st

March 1999

The Truth About Virtual Memory, Purging RAM, and the Desktop - March 25th
The Meaning Of SCSI, PC-Mac Networks, and Virus Protection
- March 18th
Disk Doctor, Scanners, and PRAM, Oh My!
- March 11th
Basic Networking, Type 2 Errors, And The Scrapbook
- March 4th

February 1999

Missing Trash, Aliases, and Type 11 Errors - February 25th

is President and CEO of The Mac Observer, Inc. He has worked in the computer industry as a consultant, trainer, network engineer, webmaster, and a programmer for most of the last 10 years. During that time he has worked on the Mac, all the various Windows flavors, Be, a few brands of Unix, and it is rumored he once saw an OS/2 machine in action. Before that he ran some of the earliest Bulletin Board systems, but most of the charges have since been dropped, and not even the FBI requests that he check in more than twice a year.

Ask Dave is here to answer all the Mac questions you have. Networking, system conflicts, hardware, you ask it, he can answer it. He is the person from whom all Mac knowledge flows....

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