Apple Granted Patent For Adjustable Screen Snake Arm [TMO Scoop!]
April 7th, 2004

On March 30, 2004, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USTPO) issued United States Patent Number D487,893 to Apple Computer, Inc. for a "Display device with a moveable assembly," which was filed on November 8, 2001.

This is a design patent for "[t]he ornamental design for a display device with a moveable assembly." Rather than blab on about it, it's just easier to show it:

The first named inventor is none other than Steven P. Jobs. Apparently, Jonathan Ive and a slew of other inventors also take credit for this vacuum hose meets screen meets computer contrivance. Considering how long ago this patent was filed, it's unlikely that this design signifies any forth-coming products. Thank God.

The description and the figures show that the flexible arm doesn't just snake, but it pivots at the base from a first to "a second position."

Well, let's just say that who ever made the call to can the snake was on the money. If there was any doubt that cheap lamps were the inspiration for Apple's consumer desktop machines, this aluminum anodized version should lay them to rest.

The reality is the iMac desperately needs a serious redesign. Preferably, one that involves severing the screen from the base. If Apple is to increase its market share, it needs to target some of its machines at the corporate market. To do that, it needs a modestly priced G5 powered replacement for the iMac. One where the user can pick up a reasonably priced monitor of their choosing. Basically they need something akin to the Cube, but reasonably priced.

Until then, lets hope the Octapussy iMac is not the next iMac.

Then again, maybe, not unlike the current iMac, it's the kind of design that would grow on you with time. Maybe some mad-modders will be so inspired by this design that they will take up the challenge to beat Apple to the punch with their own giraffe-necked versions. Naaah.