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Cool Leopard Tips & New Version of Nancy's Tips Manual

Computing with Bifocals - Cool Leopard Tips & New Version of Nancy's Tips Manual

December 14th, 2007

If you have already installed the new Mac operating system, OS 10.5 (Leopard) you are probably enjoying some of the great new features.  If you haven't, you might be interested in some of those features and how you make them work.

Incidently, if you do have Leopard installed, be sure you keep up with the software updates and install them as soon as you are aware of them.  Since Leopard is a brand new operating system Apple will be releasing updates as they find any problems and you will find that your system will run better with each update.  10.5.1 is already out.  To check on updates click on the Apple menu > Software Update.

It is hard to pick out the best new features, but here are three that I really like that I think have universal appeal.

The Mail application has added a number of new features.  You can now add stationary with built-in templates for invitations, announcements, etc.  These templates allow you to include photos.  You can also now add numbering, bullets, indentions, and colored text to your messages.

Three Mail Tips
Choose a stationary template for your e-mail that can be read by both Macs and PCs. The add stationary button is on the far right of the tool bar.

When you click the button, your stationary choices open for you and you just click one to choose it.

You can even make a choice after you have created your text and Mail will fit your content into the stationary.

Add an image to a Stationary Template in a designated spot

Make sure that your image is in a format that does well across the Internet (.jpg, .pdf, .gif, etc.)

Drag and drop the image into the designated space.


Click Photo Browser in the toolbar to view available images in your iPhoto files and then drag an image from there.


Click the Attach button in the toolbar or choose File > Attach File, and then select an image from wherever it might be on your computer.

Use numbering, bullets, indentations, and colored text in your e-mails.  While in the process of creating a new message select the Formats Menu. 

Choose "lists" to get bullets or numbers.

Choose "Indentions" to indent.

For colored text choose the color icon from the menu bar and select the color you wish to use.  You will be required to check a box making your document a "Rich Text" document to proceed.

Another cool new feature include in Mail is the ability to create a new address card in Address Book from information included in the content of an e-mail message.  (This only works if you are receiving your mail through the Mail application.)

Click on the address in the body of the message. 

A box forms around the information with an arrow in the bottom right corner.  Click on that arrow.

You are given the option of creating a brand new card, adding to an exiting card, viewing a map for that address, or viewing the information in larger type.

Click on "Create New Contact" and a card will be created containing the information. If there is a name included the card includes the name.  If no name is included, the card is created using the name of the sender.  The card will be opened for you so you can change the name if necessary.

Click on "Add to Existing Contact" and the information will be added to an existing card.  If there is a name with the address then you are done.  If there is not, the information will be added to the sender's card and you will be given the opportunity to change the name.  Note:  If you already have an address in place for the individual that address will remain and the new address will be added as a second listing.

Note:  If additional addresses or phone numbers are included without name identifiers, they might be picked up as well.  If that happens, just delete them from your card before you save.

Preview now gives you the ability to print several different images on a single sheet of paper.  They can be the same or different images.

Print several different images on a single sheet of paper. Or print multiple copies of the same image to cut out and share with friends. Open your image using Preview 4.  (Right click on the image icon, select Open With, and then select Preview or open Preview 4 and drag the image across the Dock icon).

Select View > Sidebar

A sidebar will open containing an icon of your image.

Drag additional images onto the sidebar.  You can drag different images, or drag images of the same picture if you want to print multiples of the same photo.  Drag as many as you want to fit on one page.

When you are ready to print click on the first icon in the sidebar and then command (⌘) click on each of the other images.

Select File > Print Selected Images

Mark your settings and click Print.

These tips, and many more are included in the revised version of my manual, Tips, Hints, and Solutions For Seasoned Beginners Using Apple Macintosh Computers With Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5.

The entire Table of Contents and all sample page are available for free review for anyone who wishes to see them.

I am making this book available in three formats:

The first is the more traditional printed book format, spiral bound.  Cost is U.S. $17.15 each, plus shipping.  All the illustrations have been printed in black and white to reduce the purchase price. 

The second option is a PDF download version.  This is the full version of the book available in the same format as that available in the free review  The contents are hyperlinked from the Table of Contents for ease of location.  This version is U.S. $9.85  After payment has been verified the purchaser will be sent a URL where they can  download of the document.
The third option is a CD format.  It is the PDF version saved to a CD and the contents are also hyperlinked from the Table of Contents for ease of location.  This version is $10.85 plus shipping.

Payment for any version must be made using PayPal.  Clicking on the Buy Now button next to the version  you want to purchase will take you directly to PayPal where you can place your order and make your payment.  Payment can be made through PayPal even if you are not a PayPal member.

Anyone wishing to pay with a money order or cashier check may contact me through TMO at

Talking to a generation that remembers what the world was like before there was color, covers issues for people who don't care how their computer works, but rather what their computer and the internet can do for them.

Nancy has a Master's degree in Human Services Administration and prior to her retirement she worked for almost 30 years in field of mental health and mental retardation. She has been a Mac user for 11 years, and has recently developed an avocation of teaching basic computer skills in both group and one-to-one settings.

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