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On The Flip Side
by Michael Munger

Current Column

Apple Should Not Change Its Advertising Approach - March 2nd, 2002

Archived Columns

October 2001

Apple, Aqua And Interface Freedom - October 31st, 2001

June 2001

The Future Of Web Advertising & The Mac Web - June 22nd, 2001

May 2001

Mac OS X: Then And Now - May 21st, 2001
Why Is QuickTime Failing To Conquer? - May 15th, 2001
Apple Likes Consumers, But Loves (Big) Organizations - May 7th, 2001
Technological Revolutions Don't Happen Every Day - May 1st, 2001

April 2001

Napster & The Copyright Minefield, Part 2 - April 23rd, 2001
Napster & The Copyright Minefield, Part 1 - April 18th, 2001
"Overtechnologization" Can Be Harmful To Your Health - April 2nd, 2001

March 2001

The New Apple Stores & The Macintosh Experience - March 26th, 2001
Mac OS X On Intel... Let's Give It A Spin - March 19th, 2001
Mac OS X Is REALLY Shipping... - March 13th, 2001
Mac User Illusions Exposed - March 5th, 2001

February 2001

Get Your Spray Paint iMac Analysis Here - February 26th, 2001
You Can Live Without Mac OS X - February 19th, 2001
The Cube Experience, Apple's Hard-Learned Lesson - February 12th, 2001
Will Apple Launch An Entirely New Product Line? - February 5th, 2001

January 2001

Apple's Internet Strategy Questioned - January 29th, 2001
Content, The Challenge Of The 21st Century - January 22nd, 2001
I Am Half-Impressed By Apple's SF Announcements - January 18th, 2001
Mac vs. PC: What War? - January 10th, 2001
Your Computer Freedom Threatened by CPRM? - January 5th, 2001

December 2000

Apple Is Beleaguered! Everybody Off The Bandwagon! - December 27th, 2000
Microsoft & Bloatware Revisited - December 12th, 2000
Does Adobe Have Too Much Power? - December 5th, 2000

November 2000

The Computer, Perfect Hiding Place? - November 28th, 2000
Choices VS. Standards: What Do We Want? - November 14th, 2000
The Big Problem With Mac OS X - November 7th, 2000

October 2000

Group Thinking & The Macintosh Explained - October 31st, 2000
Will Apple Bounce Back? - October 24th, 2000
Microsoft, A People's Company? - October 17th, 2000
Why The Heck Do We Use Macs Anyway? - October 10th, 2000
The Sad Joke Of Public Betas - October 4th, 2000

September 2000

Discussing Advertising And Censorship Issues - September 26th, 2000
Apple And Chiat/Day's Intolerable Media Relations - September 20th, 2000
The Megahertz Can Of Worms - September 12th, 2000
The Perfect Dual Platform Computer, A Possibility Or A Pipe Dream? - September 5th, 2000

August 2000

Computers? Who Cares About Computers? - August 29th, 2000
G4 Multiprocessing Lesson For The Masses - August 22nd, 2000
The iMac's Evolution, A Plastic Hell! - August 15th, 2000
The Macintosh Platform, It's So Irrational! - August 8th, 2000
Is This Apple Or... NeXT?
- August 1st, 2000

July 2000

Music & Piracy, Who's Right, Who Should Win - July 25th, 2000
A Retrospective Look At The iMac's Introduction
- July 11th, 2000
Serious Lessons To Learn From The New Economy
- July 5th, 2000

June 2000

iAm Tired Of The iStuff - June 20th, 2000
The Deplorable State Of Mac Software
- June 13th, 2000
The Mac Walks On Such A Tight Rope To Prosper!
- June 6th, 2000

May 2000

Will Apple Survive The Test Of Adversity? - May 31st, 2000
Mac OS X Delayed, That Sounds GREAT To Me!
- May 23rd, 2000
Mac Advocates Are A Bunch Of Bigots
- May 16th, 2000
Macintosh: The BMW Of Computers? No, It's A VolksWagen!
- May 9th, 2000
Just How Important Is The Internet?
- May 2nd, 2000

April 2000

What A Turn Of Events For Apple! - April 25th, 2000
Yes, We Do And Should Criticize Apple
- April 18th, 2000
The Computer Industry Is So Predictable
- April 11th, 2000
Something Big Is Brewing For WWDC
- April 5th, 2000

March 2000

Why Rumor Sites Hurt You And Apple - March 28th, 2000
Are Computers Bound To Disappear?
- March 22nd, 2000
Does Apple Offer Too Many Different Products?
- March 14th, 2000
Is The Mac Spirit Dead?
- March 7th, 2000

February 2000

A Tribute To Don Crabb - February 29th, 2000
Mac OS X Performance On A G3, Here Are The Answers!
- February 22nd, 2000
So What's Wrong With Mac OS X And Aqua?
- February 15th, 2000
Where The Heck Is Netscape?
- February 8th, 2000
Will Mac OS X Run Well On A G3?
- February 1st, 2000

January 2000

Software Developers Are Back, SO WHAT? - January 24th, 20
Bill Gates Will Improve Software From Now On
- January 18th, 2000
Why Apple Didn't Exploit The Y2K Bug
- January 11th, 2000
So, Did The Year 2000 Rollover Fry Your Brain?
- January 4th, 2000

December 1999

You're Using A Mac? You Don't Know What You're Missing! - December 28th, 1999
Welcome To The New Wave Of Mac Naysayers!
- December 21st, 1999
Apple's Top Five Achievements In 1999
- December 14th, 1999
Don't Kill Microsoft, Watch It Crumble By Itself
- December 7th, 1999

November 1999

What The Heck Is Wrong With The Web? - November 30th, 1999
The Mac Web's Credibility, Oh Dear
- November 23rd, 1999
Your Mac Looks Terrible, Admit It
- November 16th, 1999
Do We Really Hate Microsoft?
- November 9th, 1999
Response To Someone Predicting Apple's Death
- November 2nd, 1999

Ocotber 1999

Wireless Internet... Don't Freak Out Yet - October 26th, 1999
Steve Jobs Is A Big Bad Meanie, So What?
- October 19th, 1999
Are We Geeks And Nerds? Hell No!
- October 12th, 1999
Apple's Weird Relations With Media And Customers
- October 5th, 1999

September 1999

Counter The G4 Trouble, Slash iMac Prices! - September 28th, 1999
The Ultimate Solution To Get Rid Of Windows
- September 21st, 1999
Apple's Comeback - Where Are The Games?
- September 14th, 1999
Why Apple Is Such A Winner
- September 7th, 1999

August 1999

Mac vs. PC, YOUR Mistakes Serve The Dark Side - August 31st, 1999
Flavor Packs: What The Next iMac Should Have
- August 24th, 1999
Debunking The Myth Of "Dead" Software
- August 17th, 1999
Looks Count, Dufus!
- August 10th, 1999
The Danger Behind The Apple Store
- August 3rd, 1999

July 1999

A free Mac and an ISP contract? - July 27th, 1999
Brand Loyalty And How It Affects Your Internet Life
- July 20th, 1999
Future Power's iMac Rip-off Analyzed By Michael Munger
- July 12th, 1999
Why Advertising On The Internet Sucks
- July 6th, 1999

June 1999

We Need Macs In School For Discovery Sake! - June 29th, 1999
The Reasons Why You Should Not Use Virtual Memory
- June 22nd, 1999
Apple And Her Retailers, The Saga Continues
- June 15th, 1999
Apple's Problems Are Not Over
- June 8th, 1999
QuickTime 4's Woes
- June 1st, 1999

May 1999

Censorship: Canada Sets The Example For The World! - May 25th, 1999
Macs And The Retail Problem, Who Is Guilty
- May 18th, 1999
My Impressions On Mac OS 8.6, New PowerBooks, And The WWDC!
- May 11th, 1999
A New Observer In The House!
- May 4th, 1999

Michael Munger is a French Canadian living in Montreal. He discovered the Mac in 1994 while studying journalism, the profession he loves and practices. He also studied history and communications. In addition to his work at The Mac Observer, he authors the iBasics tutorial column at Low End Mac, and cofounded MacSoldiers in 1998.

You can find more about him at his personal Web site.

You are welcome to send me your comments or you can post them below.

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