Let Your Mac Take You Wherever the Inspiration May Carry
by Jordan Streiff
April 20th, 2000

We all know the story. It can be heard almost anywhere we may choose to go. They might say "Simply put, PCs are better than Macs. My PC is 600 Mhz faster than yours. I've got fifteen more software programs than you, that tight ass game that just came out, and ten more gigs of hard drive space. For the same price." How can you argue with that? Can a Mac still be better than a PC without matching numbers? Well, pull up a chair, sit back, and pop in some nice soft music. I'll show you how...

You might say "Even though you've got more programs, mine are better," or "You should see how Unreal Tournament plays on an Apple Cinema Display." Just like you however, they are probably not easily swayed in their opinions. There is a much deeper reason why Macs are and will always be much better than PCs. This is because a Mac is whatever you want it to be.

To you, inspiration may simply be watching the amazingly rendered pixels fly across the screen on the battlefield of Myth II. Or maybe, inspiration may simply be the wonder of playing around with the Mac's flexible interface until you finally have a desktop to match your personality. Whatever it may be to you, the Mac helps foster creativity through its lively interface, and helps better the process of simple, everyday tasks. I don't know about you, but when I look at a PC's dark dank screen where gray abounds and soothing colors such as light blue are scarce as cats swimming in the sea, I can only think about finishing the task, and finishing it quickly. If there is no joy to be found while working, what makes you think that people will be able to take joy in your work once completed.

A Mac may be just a piece of equipment, but sometimes it can be much more. If I had to choose a computer most worthy of a soul, the Mac would be it. There is no way to describe it. It's almost like a dog. There is a special bond formed between operating system and human. If you learn to love this operating system, it will return the favor by letting you work that much easier.

So, whatever you may be - aspiring artist, amatuer musician, budding author, or beginning programmer, the Mac is the best place to start. Sometimes just sitting in front of the screen with some music playing will make you think of something you could create if you were just to open Melody Assistant or Graphic Converter. On a Mac, with a little practice, it really doesn't take that much work to produce a professional piece of work that will amaze other Mac users, just as their work may have inspired you.

So, go try something now. While you're still caught up in the spirit of the article, create something. I dare you. Hey, if you send an original piece in to me by next week, I may include it in the next iTeen article I write. Until then, farewell.