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by Steve Siercks, Jordan Streiff, & Chris Rogers
computer news with the teen perspective

The iBook Uncovered
October 21st

There have been many products Apple has released to the public in the last few months, mainly the iBook. Since many teens don't know about these new products, this article will show you the cool aspects of the new iBook with iTeen's famous "teen perspective."

The iBook uncovered...

Isn't this a cool little toy? Ever since Steve Jobs first released the iBook at MacWorld New York, people have been going crazy over this new, hip laptop computer. It is said to create new standards for laptop computing, but the reality is that the iBook is a teen's dream. There are many features on the new iBook that intrigues many teens and makes them want to buy one. In case you don't know these features, here's the low down on some of the cool ones.

The first really cool feature about the iBook is its durability. Since it's made out of one of the thickest plastics in the laptop world (supposedly able to withstand a bullet, but we haven't put it to the test) it is perfect for the average teen. Yes, I admit it, we teens are not the most careful people and Apple was keen enough to realize this. The iBook can easily withstand constant dropping, banging around, or pounding. The only thing I haven't heard is whether it can withstand a hammer straight to the case. hmmm...

Another cool feature that appeals to many teens is the iBook's hardware specs. The iBook comes fully loaded with many of today's best technologies. It comes with an ethernet port, which is mainly used for hooking up to networks or to a cable modem. A growing number of schools use ethernet for Internet access and networks, mine included. The iBook also comes with a USB port so you can hook up printers, scanners, etc. to your iBook with the use of a USB hub. The last bit of hardware that is included with the iBook is a 24x speed CD-ROM drive. This means you can play a lot of really cool games with the use of the fast CD-ROM drive.

When talking about technology in the iBook, you can't forget the new AirPort system Apple has created. AirPort is the first, and only consumer wireless networking system, though it is based on an open standard. For you "non technical" people out there, it allows you to basically walk around your house with your iBook in hand and be able to connect to the Internet without any wires attached. The way this new technology works is through a base station located somewhere in your house. This station is hooked up to your phone line (or ethernet connection if you have DSL or a cable modem). The other component of the AirPort system is a little business card sized card that fits right into your iBook that recognizes the AirPort base. Once you get those two things (about $400) you can walk around your house and surf the net! You could even go to your next door neighbor's house if you set things up right! This is very appealing for many teens because it allows them to be anywhere in their house and still stay connected to the Internet. It's a very cool new feature and I think that it will set the standard for consumer wireless connectivity.

The last really cool aspect of the iBook is its design. It was designed to mimic the iMac's basic design and I think that it achieves this really well. With its slick corners and brilliant color, it makes for one heck a computer (better known as "iCandy"). Also, Apple has incorporated a handle into the iBook so you don't have to carry around a laptop case anymore. All you have to do is flip up the handle and carry it around wherever you want! This is great for teens because it makes the iBook very simple and easy to "lug around."

I hope that this has opened the doors for you to think about getting an iBook. It is a great computer and it would help every teen in many ways. It'll keep you organized, get you on the net, and also make you look pretty cool! Everyone loves the iBook, and the iBook loves everyone :). So, go out and get an iBook today!!

Check back next week for an in-depth look into the "renovated iMac" to learn some more pretty cool information!

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