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Just A Thought
by Vern Seward

No Myst Sequel For Mac? Cyan Responds: Trying To Fund Mac Development
May 29th, 2003

OK, so I was writing this letter to Cyan, see? I was miffed because they said that their new game, Uru: Ages Beyond Myst, was to be for the PC only. They would have to explore their options about developing Uru for other platforms, including the Mac.

Yeah, there are many other things in the world to be miffed about; I could be torqued over the fact that my cable bill keeps going up every year, or I could be seeing red over Fox canceling that cool new space opera, Firefly (in fact, I am angry about that one) [Editor's Note: so am I]. I could be even be P.O.'d over the apparent fact that Steve Jobs is in no way related to me, meaning I can't hit him up for money or a new PowerBook. I suppose I could ask anyway, but I'd put my chances of Mr. Jobs giving me a PowerBook at roughly the same as me winning the Kentucky Derby by running it myself, while wearing nothing by a pair of Nikes and a smile. So, I guess there is a slight chance after all... (Note to self: Call Nike.)

Be that as it may, I was so irked by the Uru news that I wrote an editorial, and whined, um, complained about it. In my editorial I said I was going to write those guys at Cyan and let them know just how I felt about their decision to dis the Mac.

Several people wrote comments after reading my whine-o-gram. Some offered places to go to petition Cyan to make Uru for the Mac, and some offered their own story about their dealings with Cyan. Dean Lewis, of MacGamer, tried to set the record straight, however, by pointing me to a site that quoted Cyan's D'ni Historian, Richard Watson, saying that Cyan just didn't have the funds to support a Uru/Mac development effort.

Uh-huh. Like I'm gonna believe that!

So, instead of writing Cyan to complain, I wrote and ask them to tell me exactly what the deal was. I said, "Hey, Cyan, what's the deal? Will there be a Uru for the Mac. And just how do you folks feel about the Mac anyway? Huh? Wassup?"

Richard Watson, D'ni Historian, wrote back with the following:

Many of us here at Cyan are Mac fans. Several of us have Macs at work, home or both. I'm answering this e-mail on a PowerBook. I could even send this to you from my .Mac account if I thought it would help make the point. Rand Miller, CEO of Cyan Worlds, is also a Mac fan. He's working on a PowerBook at this very moment. So please believe me when I tell you that not having Uru on the Mac at the moment is not something that we're thrilled with either; we simply cannot afford to fund the Mac version ourselves right now.

At the moment, we are still trying to get funding for the Mac version. I've been very optimistic in the past, assuming that we'd have the funding long ago. It is fairly obvious now that that is unlikely to happen. If we cannot get outside funding for the Mac version, it will have to wait until Uru comes out and we can afford to fund it ourselves.

Don't give up. We haven't.


Sooooo, I guess Mr. Dean Lewis was right after all. Thanks, Dean. I will never doubt you again.

And I offer a humble apology to Cyan for even thinking that they would deliberately ignore our platform of choice. I sincerely hope that they somehow find the funding for the Mac version of Uru.

Hang on, I just had a thought... Richard Watson, if you're reading this, have you checked to see if anyone at Cyan is related to Steve Jobs? If not, there's always Pimlico, the Kentucky Derby is spoken for.

is a writer who currently lives in Orlando, FL. He's been a Mac fan since Atari Computers folded, but has worked with computers of nearly every type for 20 years.

You can send your comments directly to me, or you can also post your comments below.

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