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In the Dark Ages of the Internet, before all of this World Wide Web madness, existed a tool called Archie. An Archie client/server combo was the hottest thing on the budding Internet in those days, making it very easy to find files around the world. An Archie server would index the directories of anonymous FTP servers, and an Archie client could search this index and report which servers had a file matching a certain pattern. An FTP download would usually follow a successful search. All of this was accomplished with a <gasp> command-line interface.

Enter Anarchie (pronounced an-ar-key) from Stairways Shareware, a company which has long offered Archie and FTP client software for the Mac. There long line of products was recently augmented by the introduction of Anarchie Pro, bringing this tool to a new level. Anarchie Pro offers new search and download features to keep up with the needs of today’s web surfer.

Anarchie Pro’s FTP functionality alone is compelling since it can display download statistics not available with other clients. This includes bytes remaining or transferred; recent or total download rates in seconds, minutes or hours; and elapsed or remaining download time. Fortunately, you can configure Anarchie Pro to handle the FTP URLs that your browser would normally deal with. FTP uploads are also supported.

The most notable new feature in Anarchie Pro, however, is the ability to submit an HTTP URL and receive a directory listing similar to what a web server may display. The similarity ends here though, since you can then sort, group and otherwise manipulate the contents of the resulting listing in a window that is similar to a Finder window. This can come in very handy if one needs to download a particular type or group of files from a web site, and FTP access is not available.

Both the FTP and HTTP dialogs will properly parse an ftp:// or http:// URL that is pasted into the dialog. Both protocols also support drag and drop for the new Web and FTP location files introduced in MacOS 8.5.

Anarchie's easy to use interface
In addition to classic Archie search features, Anarchie Pro now offers Sherlock integration by allowing a search with a single Sherlock plug-in. More advanced searches should be directed to a tool like Sigerson. An extensive set of bookmarks to popular Mac software sites allows you to forage for files on your own.

Other interesting features include "Get Entire Web Site" (use good judgement with this one as some admins may frown upon someone sequentially sucking down every single file on their site) and "Mirror Put FTP Site," which allows you to upload the contents of a folder on your Mac to a remote FTP site. Mirror Put FTP Site could be used as a poor man’s backup, or to keep content on a remote server in sync with what’s on your drive.

If you do a lot of file searching and transferring, Anarchie Pro should be a part of your tools collection. Anarchie Pro is $35 shareware, and you can pay online by using the handy Kagi payment system.


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