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OS X: All Up In The Hizzouse -- Finally
October 8th, 2001

Gary: Dude! What the hell is going on?

Randy: What do you mean?

Gary: Well, you have a baseball cap on sideways, sunglasses on inside, and... are you wearing your jeans backwards?

Randy: Yo, yo, yo! I'm just writing this raps here in honor of OS X finally being read' ta go!

Gary: Man, you are so white. Knock it off.

Randy: I'm just trying to talk to my peeps.

Gary: You make Vanilla Ice seem like he has soul.

Randy: Yikes. I guess this bit is done. Time to turn my pants around.


Gary: Aaauugghh!! How did you do that without taking them off? Oh, the humanity....

Randy: I'm not sure. You'll be glad to know that it hurt a lot.

Gary: That does make me feel better. Just like the release of OS X 10.1 does.

Randy: That's your segue?

Gary: Anyway, with 10.1, Apple has finally provided us with a ready for primetime version of its next-generation operating system.

Randy: It took longer than anyone expected, but after at least three aborted attempts at updating the Mac OS, Steve Jobs made it happen. And it works.

Gary: It finally works great. OS X 10.1 is remarkably stable, and many times faster than before. I have it installed on a 266 MHz Wall Street PowerBook, and it is even usable on that old Mac. 10.0.x was not even close.

Randy: And now that it supports CD burning and DVD playback, it can finally be called a full-featured OS. In fact several reviews have come out in the mainstream press, comparing it very favorably to Microsoft's upcoming Windows XP OS. And finally major applications and buttloads of killer games are now OS X native.

Gary: Yecchh! Don't ruin this column with the mention of that thing!

Randy: My point was that Apple, for the first time in recent years, has provided a viable alternative to the Wintel juggernaut, especially in the enterprise market. We could see some real growth from Apple. OS X is truly revolutionary, and I bet that a lot of folks reading this column have underestimated the impact it will have on Apple's future.

Gary: In light of the recent Code Red and Nimda viruses, there will be a lot of IT managers that will finally leave NT and 2000. Not because the server version of OS X is the first alternative to Windows, but because it is ridiculously easy to configure compared to Linux and other forms of Unix.

Randy: Of course, Apple can't release an OS without generating some form of controversy and 10.1 is no exception. We are talking about the $20 "free" upgrade. Apple said that upgrading would be free, but that there would be a $19.95 shipping and handling charge for the disk, which would not be available for download.

Gary: $19.95!!! What are they doing, sending them out by limousine?

Randy: Relax dude! This is old news now. Apple said that you could go to an authorized Apple reseller and get a copy for free. That appeased a lot of people, but it didn't go as smoothly as it could have.

Gary: I went to my local CompUSA and was lucky, but I had to be determined to get it. Here's how it went down. I approached a very cute young saleswoman.

Randy: What else is new?

Gary: I remember it like was last Saturday....

Gary: Excuse me, but do you have the Mac OS X 10.1 upgrade CD?
Very Cute Young Saleswoman (VCYS): Yes, we sure do. Let me get one for you.
Gary: Great!
VCYS: Do you have your coupon?
Gary: I don't have a coupon.
VCYS: Ummm, then were you wanting to purchase the upgrade?
Gary: No, I do not want to purchase the upgrade. Apple has clearly stated that it is free.
VCYS: Oh, so you're one of the Apple customers that gets one free?
Gary: Yeah, sure, if that's important to you, honey.

Gary: So she went into a backroom, and brought me a copy and I headed home. I was one of the lucky ones.

Randy: A lot of folks found that the CDs were sold out or that they needed proof of purchase of 10.0 to get their CD. Hello! It doesn't work unless you have 10.0! Freakin' morons. I walked into Tekserve here in New York and they pratically threw me one with no questions asked, but I have read stories of CompUSA stores burning more10.1 CDs on the spot for desperate customers.

Gary: Yeah, but if you have your mojo working and you find a cutie to talk to, it's in the bag, baby!

Randy: Did you just call me baby?

Gary: I don't think so.

Randy: Knock it off. So what happened with this cutie? Did you ask her out?

Gary: Uh, no. My wife was with me. But it was definitely the mojo!

Randy: If that's important to you, honey.

Gary: Did you just call me honey?

Randy: That does it! It's go time!

And even though The Idiots kicked and screamed like schoolgirls and broke a lot of their computer equipment, no one was really hurt, except for when Gary pulled Randy's hair really hard. That started the flailing slapfight again, but because OS X 10.1 was in the hizzouse, and there were several 40s of Texas Pride beer in the fridge that The Idiots had bought with a lot of rolled up pennies, it was the bestest Tuesday ever.

Gary Randazzo and Randy Soare are the co-founders of IWS Interactive, a New York based game developer for Macintosh. The IWS in IWS Interactive stands for Idiots With Sticks. How that came about is a long and boring story, but suffice it to say that at four in the morning, it seemed like a good idea.

The demo for IWS Interactive's upcoming mystery-adventure game, Manhattan Apartment Hunter, has recently been released to rave reviews. The Idiots have been into gaming on Apple computers even before the Mac was around. Does anyone remember Choplifter on the Apple IIe? (Boy, we know we do.) Now, they are committed to help ensure that the Mac remains the premiere gaming platform on the planet.

You can email your comment and suggestions to Randy at , and Gary at .

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