The Last Name of The Game Column
September 14th

Randy: Well, here we are right in the middle of the big change for the ol' Mac Observer. The whole site has a new look and feel, and in that spirit The Idiots are going to change their style as well.

Gary: You mean we are going to put thought into and even research our columns from now on?

Randy: Now you’re talking crazy, man.

Gary: Well, do you mean we are finally going to wear those superhero outfits with the afro wigs?

Randy: No, I was thinking more along the lines of a change in content.

Gary: Oh, but I'm happy and quite content.

Randy: Not content…"content."

Gary: Your point being?

Randy: Content, the stuff that fills up our articles! The information. The body of copy that is our column!

Gary: Alright, I understand. You don't have to treat me like I'm an Idiot.

Randy: Don't I though? Really?

Gary: Good point.

Randy: But the real point is that we need to change with the times. To go with the flow.

Gary: To move with the bowels.

Randy: Well, I suppose that would work. You see, so much has happened in the world of Macintosh-based entertainment that we just can't cover it all under the one umbrella of gaming.

Gary: True. There's so many other ways to waste time on the Mac than just playing games. There's web-based cartoons, mp3 music, web radio, QuickTime TV, interface customization, Hotline, screen savers and my favorite, adult chat rooms.

Randy: You are so predictable. But you are right. There's so much stuff out there that we want to cover, we have decided to expand the scope of our column to include any and all of these topics.

Gary: We would love to hear from you readers about what topics you would like to see The Idiots cover.

Randy: Exactly. I'm sure there's stuff out there we have never even heard of and we would love to be the ones to bring it to the public at large. So let us know how you waste time on your Mac.

Gary: For you die-hard fans who have relied on the Idiots for the skinny about upcoming games, have no fear. We will still cover the topic that is closest to our hearts.

Randy: Pamela Lee Anderson?

Gary: No! Games. We will still dig to find out the dirty bits about all the hot games coming out. But in addition to gaming we will cover just about anything you can do on a Mac that your boss would fire you for.

Randy: So what we need is a new name for the column. Something that reflects the theme of gaming on the Mac, as well as entertainment on the Mac in general.

Gary: How about, "The Name of the Game, Plus"

Randy: So very Gary. The work ethic of a dead tree sloth. We are not selling fat lady pants here. How about, "Fun Stuff to Do on Your Mac Like Gaming, Listening to mp3’s, Watching Movies and Other Stuff."

Gary: A bit verbose, don't you think?

Randy: I see your point. Maybe, "All Things Mac and God-like"

Gary: Too Ten Commandments-ish.

Randy: Hey, let my people go.

Gary: Where’s your golden cow now, see? Okay, Moses, lets get serious.

Randy: Hmmmm… How about, "Escapist Mac"

Gary: Better, but not quite there yet. How does "Idiots on Being Idiots" sound?

Randy: Oh, now we are getting somewhere. "Wasting an Idiot’s Time"?

Gary: Almost there. How about "Wasting Time with The Idiots"?

Randy: Bingo! I am down for that. However, if anyone has a better idea, just send it in, and we will use that. We might even reward someone who comes up with a good column title for us. Who knows???

Gary: Besides the title change, we are planning to add a lot more hardcore nudity and cursing to the column.

Randy: Dude, that is a load of crap.

Gary: Very good. Now put your pants on.