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CES - Twelve South's PowerPic Hides a Wireless Charger in Plain Sight  


Dave Hamilton
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January 8, 2019 3:39 EST PM  

On Monday at the CES Pepcom event, Twelve South was showing off the latest result of their creative efforts: the PowerPic. As co-founder and creative director, Andrew Green, puts it, "wireless charging is supposed to be invisible." PowerPic achieves this mandate by hiding a charging coil inside a standard 5x7 picture frame. By day (or by night, whenever you're not charging) the PowerPic holds a photo of your favorite memory (or person, or even pet!). When you need to charge, just place your phone inside the frame and boom, the coil fires up and your phone starts sipping juice invisibly through your family ski photo. PowerPic retails for $79.99 and delivers up to 10W of wireless power to most smartphones that feature Qi charging, including everything currently available from Apple.