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Can we have an App?  



I really loved the FaceBook Page Mac Geek Gab cuz it as was simple and quick to post and chat. Now website to long into everytime.

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There are a few ways to check for updates. One would be to visit the Unread posts page at — That’s the one I use, and it’s quite helpful.

There are also two RSS feeds:


The Topics one only contains new top-level topics whereas Forums has everything. If you’re an RSS-type person, then that’s a great way to have them show up alongside your daily feeds.

All three of these are linked from the top of the main Forums page, too, if that’s easier to find.

We’ll look at app/notification integration. If there’s a way to make that happen, I’m all for it!

And welcome, @earthsaver! (and anyone else here in the forums who’s not currently an MGG listener). THere’s no mandate that you listen in order to participate in the forums, though I certainly see where my original reply might have implied that. I also don’t expect every single listener to participate here, either.

The forums are already their own thing, and will continue to evolve in that way. We just wanted our own home, and we have that here. I’m looking forward to evolving this more and more. I really appreciate everyone’s comments here, and hopefully it’s obvious we’re taking them to heart.

One more way: you can have email notifications for any/all forums or groups by visiting and configuring that. 


Checking the box next to “Subscribe to all new Topics and Posts” would ostensibly do it.


When you log in there is a tick box to remember your details, which doesn't last forever but removes the hassle if you want to check the forums several times a day. iCloud keychain also works to fill in the user id & password quickly for those times when you do have to re-enter your details.

The wpforo software that drives the forum is pretty good at "responsive" web pages so even on the small iPhone screen they are formatted well and the text manipulations (like bold/underline) when you are posting a topic correctly react to the built-in iOS text options.

You could add one of the forum web pages to the home screen on your iOS device and I think it will function almost as well as an "app".  I use a bookmark to the "recents" page - which gives a similar function to going in to view what's been happening in a Facebook group:

Edited to add: and the recents page has a setting to only show you your unread topics: /a>

(I haven't tried it as yet, but given that the underlying CMS is Wordpress I wonder if the Wordpress app would work with the wpforo pages?)

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Real shame about Facebook demise. 

I much preferred that experience   😩


Totally understood, @robinjacksonmac-com. And we knew there were a few actual MGG listeners who were getting value out of the Facebook group, for sure. It just wasn’t a home for our family... it was a home for a segment of Facebook’s family, and that had become more and more obvious. Here we have the experience we want – and an experience we can evolve and morph together. Much better for all of us.


Hi Dave

I do understand.

I just happen to visit Facebook fairly regularly because I follow a number of support and/or interest groups on Facebook, so open one app for everything.

Is there any chance the Forum will be added tot eh MGG App?



I’m honestly not a listener but have found the community valuable via the Facebook group. I’m happy to use the forum but visiting a website to see if there are new posts is inconvenient. Are there lots? Obviously I haven’t browsed it yet.

Some integration with the app seems ideal. Maybe it would convince me to listen to the podcast too?

This forum may be the best thing since I hope to participate in it in this modern era.


I kind of feel the same way as Robin.  It was just so easy to get notifications of updates while checking facebook.  I liked the freeform aspect of the facebook group.  I don't like having to check multiple "forums" rather than just the good 'ol facebook group.  But, its not about me...I get it.  Wishing all the best.


Kenny L.

Middletown NJ 


I agree. One of the nice things about the old Facebook group was that you would get push notifications and not clutter up your inbox with email notifications. I hope that sort of feature can be added to a future update to the MGG app. I also agree that it can be a bit of a pain to have to keep multiple websites open to check on as well.


…which I think is great for folks who don't get much email or have a tactical way of filtering and reviewing it. For me, I'm trying to reduce email inflow so that's why I'm more interested in an app connection.

I really like receiving requests at or near the time they're made and responding with my insights. I hope to consume the same sorts of requests on the forum as were made in the Facebook group.

Completely understood! And I agree. Email notifications, while functional, are non optimal in today's world. As I said, we're definitely investigating what it would take to do this in some way. 



Glad to hear that you are aware of the issue and looking for a better long term solution. I do understand the reason for the move and it does make sense as we are now seeing with Facebook where people, pages and groups do not have control over their content and that is not a good long term strategy expressly if you want to build up a knowledge base of useful information and a community long term.


I'm working to adjust. I think you gain so much in having an actual database or archive of knowledge, but you lose at lot in the UI/UX. It's visually not as appealing and clunkier to see what's going on. Also, like people above, I resist email updates so I refuse to get RSS emails dumped in my box. I have added the RSS to Flipboard and Feedly, and also pinned a tab in Chrome. Still, having an app would be ideal for me. If there were a push notification/badge in the app whenever there was a new topic or reply that'd be a dream. I also feel goofy, but I don't know how to tag people in this. 😉 I like the broader screen utilization in the Plex Forums. And I know this isn't meant to be a forum, but I'm wondering if an interface like Notion would encourage greater engagement? 



I totally agree!

Completely agree 


@brianmonroe, is this all I need to do to tag you? 😉 




Yep. You got it! 😀🤓👍🏼


Yaa FaceBook Page Mac has been great one...Quite simple and quick to post....Websites stucked sometimes