Can't comment on a post  



I went to a topic I posted about and wanted to make a comment and I'm continually asked to "Login"; when I click on "Login," it already has me logged in; I click back on the Forums, and my avatar disappears and I'm asked to "Login" agin

I've seen it happen sometimes where for some reason you get re-directed back to a cached version on the login screen. Two things to try:

1. When you see the "Login" option after logging in just refresh your browser. This has worked for me in the past. Clear your browser cache and cookies and try logging in again.

2. If you've already tried both of these things or if it's still not working let me know and I'll dig further,

This just happen to me too, very annoying. It seems that if you are not logged in and you visite a post, then hit the comment and get the login prompt, that will put you in a loop that you can't get out of without clearing the caches. If you Login BEFORE, going anywhere, then it will work. At least it did for me on the second try.

Thanks, @jefflambert670, and sorry about the headache. We'll look deeper here. One helpful thing, if you happen to encounter this before we can suss it out: would you mind sharing the URL of the login page that you wind up at? I think we have them all excluded from our internal caches, which in theory is the problem here, but it's possible maybe there's something we're missing.

Adding this here as both a test and an explanation of what I think is/was happening here. We use W3 Total Cache for the site (in addition to other caching). On our normal posts, Wordpress "alerts" W3TC to the fact that an article is updated, and the cache is flushed. 

Seems wpForo, our forum engine, doesn't do that. So... that cache is never flushed because W3TC has no idea there's a change.

I've now excluded all of these forums from being cached by W3TC (they're still "protected" by our Varnish cache/proxy), so in theory this problem is gone.

In theory. 

Thanks, @jefflambert670. Please do let us know if you continue to see the problem again. I think we've got it licked, quite thanks to your report today!


Looping in Adam here. We're on it!


Is it just me or has the ability to comment, rather than reply, disappeared?

Huh? What? As soon as I posted this reply the Comment button reappeared!

Ignore.... for now....

Good to know it's working.